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Profession : Freelance Journalist

Publications: 263Chat (, The New Examiner (, News of the South ( and Pungwe News (New ZIANA, provincial weekly)

I am freelance journalist, holder of BSc Honors in Media and Society Studies (Midlands State University 2012) with a passionate about human rights, environment, business and politics.

I have three years experience as a freelance journalist and media consultant, work which involved a great deal of independent research, requiring initiative, self-motivation and a wide range of skills.

I am a fast learner and accurate writer, with a keen eye for detail and I should be very grateful for the opportunity to progress to contribute positively to your organization’s goals.


Reflections of an artisanal miner

In the doom and gloom of a seemingly bottomless pit

An artisanal miner chips away the belly of the motherland


He moans and groans

As sharp stone splinters bite into his bare feet

But the pain cannot his resolve sway

Despite the energy seeping away from his hands


As his paraffin lantern flickers to dim at the entry

He barely sees a foot away as he tries to look up

He gasps for air as his makeshift oxygen tank dries up

Summoning his failing hand he tugs at a string tied to his waist alerting those left outside as sentry


He is the prey of poverty of plundered economy

The subject of scorn in a society steeped in stereotypes

For to them he is the devil incarnate, a state enemy

Further ravaging the rugged ravines


As the band pulls him upwards to safety

His rasping breath tells a story of his tattered lungs

Heaving and sighing in rhythmic beats to another companion now chipping away in the mine shaft

As his head rolls around in his weakened stupor he looks around


Disused mine shafts stare at him like a hungry puppy salivating at the scrapping of pots

The gaze is not friendly it reflects darkness of despair weighing heavy in his heart

He turns to a half dozing colleague

As they ogle in each other in familiar recollection their unasked questions reverberate loud in their hearts

Who is better off, those slaving away for peanuts for the multinational monster companies?

Or us living in the proximity of prescribed poverty at behest of poor mineral resource governance?

Is our damage to the environment with our picks and shovels not better off in comparison to their elephantine earth moving trucks


For while we mine for personal consumption the monster companies extract for expropriation

While we mine for subsistence they mine to increase their opulence

As we slave to buy a chisel they struggle to store their gallons of diesel

Even as our kith and keen chase after us our brothers toil under their modern slavery


What have we done that we are derided by our own government

Just the same way our fathers were subjugated by the colonial establishment

Outlawed by the amended Mines and Minerals Act as criminals

Deliberately sidelined by our own leaders from selling our gold to fidelity

Where is the good governance and integrity?

The virtues of the pronounce honesty

For we see it not as we are chased as prey of pillage

We yearn for the day when we will be dignified by recognition

For our rights to fair treatment are guaranteed by our constitution

– End – 

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