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Innocentia Selepe

Innocentia Selepe


Facebook: Censhia Mooi’laGee


I am vibrant, innovative and hard working young lady with a specific interest in making abstract two dimensional paintings from recycled materials. My desire to be able to distribute my work is very strong. I believe the platform that the social market gives is most ideal and I would like to exhibit my work there. I am a self taught artist, and therefore out a lot of soul into my work.

Artist Statement

My paint brush is a channel through which I pour out my soul onto a canvas. It becomes a vein through which I pump out the very essence of my being to give live to the unlimited possibility of a new creation.

I did not set out to be an artist, but I discovered my talent in the midst of difficulties. The technique that I use was taught to me by an occupational therapist. I managed to master the skill and therefore took it upon myself to practice it. My work was shown much appreciation by those who got an opportunity to see it, and this encouraged me to continue painting.

The focus of my work is on the environment. I speak to issues of the heart by using the physical environment to describe a much abstract emotional state of mind. By using recycled materials, I, in a way, breathe to them a new life even after they were discarded and seen to be of no value.

I am my own muse. Every painting captures the very second,minute and hour during which it came to be. It represents my mind,heart and soul in a way that is captivating and inviting. Every painting explains itself as much as it seeks to explain my being. Everyone takes something different from the same picture, which brings me unlimited joy.

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