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Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than imagination when awake?


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Imagine if we challenged ourselves to buy from black businesses only? Do u understand how many businesses would rise and be challenged to be world class? Corporates/retailers, franchises etc do not call us the “main-market” for nothing… we are their main source of income. They lose us, they lose revenue. That simple.

Then the argument of quality of service would come up, as it always does, I remember a very smart man at one of our Siyabangena Seminars said,”If a black business disappoints u, tell them what they are doing wrong. If they continue, leave them… wait for it… for another black business.”

Think about it.. 80% of SA is black, why are we broke? Because we don’t think as a collective. The same way Jews buy Jewish, Indian buys Indian, Black can buy Black. We have all the power and yet we own none of it and for that my brothers and sisters we only have ourselves to blame. ‪#‎SupportBlackBusinesses‬

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