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12 Sales Secret Successes

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Young Money

Ok. So you have seen SOME of the young entrepreneurs that are making it, trust me there are many more, watch the space. Nevertheless, the objective is not to depress you, but to inspire you. Below are some of the tips that are used by the industry players.

  1. Being genuinely interested in your prospect’s personal and professional opinions will do as much (perhaps more) to develop rapport as identifying his personality style or discovering if he is a football, baseball, or hockey fan.
  2. It’s just as important to disqualify a selling opportunity as it is to qualify it.
  3. What the prospect wants and what the prospect actually needs are rarely the same.
  4. The prospect’s problem is never what he thinks it is. Most are in denial of their actual problem.
  5. It’s more important for the prospect to discover that he has a best-fit problem for your solution than it is to demonstrate that you have a best-fit solution for his problem.
  6. When the prospect says, “Money’s no problem,” it’s guaranteed to become one.
  7. A prospect with a budget and a strong reluctance to spend it is no different than a prospect with no budget at all.
  8. The objective of each encounter with a prospect is to either pave the way to the next step in the selling process—and eventually a buying decision—or to end the process.
  9. When a prospect states that he can’t make a decision, he just did.
  10. The financial investment to obtain your product or service is often less significant than the other “investments” the prospect must make to implement it.
  11. Identifying how and by when a prospect will make a buying decision is just as important as discovering who is involved in the process.
  12. If you wait for your customers to voluntarily provide you with referrals as a reward for the exceptional service you have delivered, you’ll be waiting a long time

Now about Denial.

Most prospects are in denial.

And most prospects stay in denial, until they can stand it no longer.  Getting your prospect out of denial is your job when selling.  Prospects are in denial about the problems they have and need to solve.

Everybody’s got problems. Or maybe I should say everybody’s got needs. Your prospects are in denial about their problems because denial is a “useful” coping tool for most people to deal with the overwhelming pressure of everything they have to do on their to-do lists.

Tune-out your problems, and it’s easier to cope and get through the day. But like I said, people will stay in denial, about a problem that *you* could help them with, until they cannot stand it any longer.
And this is why selling them on your *product* is ineffective. Instead you have to sell them on solving or eliminating their problem.

You see there are only two reasons why people deny and let problems linger in their life or business:

1.) The problem is not important enough for them to focus on compared to other things they have to focus on.
2.) They don’t believe its solvable with the resources they have (this is accompanied by the belief that they don’t have the time or the money, or that it will take too much effort).

So how do you smack someone out of denial?  By showing them what will happen if they don’t deal with their problem RIGHT NOW.

Features is not selling.  Benefits is not selling.  Shocking someone out of their denial IS selling.

Get Ready For a SHOCK ATTACK!!

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