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We are well ushered into the silly season where the air is filled with a hive of activities, new habits, lifestyles and vices will suffice. Down the road there are sapiens retreating to a bucolic surrounding, two turns away another will be taking a well deserved interval in the backdrop of a fruitful year end. While swirling in the festivities and happenings, going to a festival could be a plausible tick on the ternary.

The South African Jazz Festival is set to take place at Kimberly in the Northern Cape Province and dazzle an artistic village that is yet to be explored on the Thespian terrain. Owing to the cities emerging metropolis, it is befitting to add another first happening on the locales plaque, promising to be an eminent festival worth attending. The event will happen over three dates each day presenting exciting, clear and pure exhilaration.

As chance will have it , the line up will showcase the most prominent artists that are revered, both emerging and established, including Judith Sephuma , Oliver Muthukudzi, Ray Phiri ,and Hugh Masekela.

While contemplating on the endeavours of the year ahead from the 16 December culminating to 18 December, it would only be apt to time out and be part of another leap into reflection, it could only get better, – feast your ears.

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