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Abortion and Miscarriage

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Since I have encountered several questions about this topic have decided to write about it. These words are almost the same because the final process is the same all results in loss of a premature life. Miscarriage is where a woman loses here unborn child through circumstances beyond here control. Where else an abortion is where the woman decides to abort the baby, out of her own will. There can be outside circumstances that can influenced her to come to a decision of terminating the pregnancy. But in miscarriage the circumstances are within her body, she has no control over the situation. We have some ladies who are unfortunate to have several miscarriages, just as we have some ladies who have decided to abort for several times. I know that according to the government a woman can do as many abortions as she likes. Unfortunately culturally a child is always a gift from the ancestors and they always give the child for a certain purpose which can sometimes be beyond our understanding. A miscarriage normally happens as a result of imfelwa and cannot be healed by western medicine only by our medicine.
I will address this topic as per African culture and also as a healer considering the spiritual impact it has. So please don’t tell me about what the government says because the government does not know anything about spirituality and after-all the government is pushing western ideas, they are pro-western not African. They have no African agenda but a European one. According to our culture abortion is murder even if done under any circumstances because by abortion life is terminated. I know that some people will rush to say what if the lady was raped yet majority of the abortion committed are not women who were raped but they willingly had sexual intercourse. Abortion is equal to murder and life must be respected as we are given the life by ancestors…..WHAT IS THE PROCESS THAT MUST BE DONE FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS HAD ABORTION…..We have those Sangomas and Tinyanga who go around claiming they are cleansing those who have committed abortion, they made it very easy that one can abort then come to them for cleansing now and again. These Sangomas are just there as opportunists to get easy money after all it will be the one who had the abortion who will be haunted by the spirit of the unborn baby. If you come back to them they will tell you stories which will extract more money from you.
Because Abortion is murder there are several processes that one must undergo if she has had abortion. First of all you have to repent of what you have done and admit that you done something very bad by taking the life of the unborn child. You will need to undergo the process of Kushweleta (appease the ancestors together with the spirit of the child you have killed). Abortion can bring very bad spiritual problems, do not be deceived by those Sangomas and Tinyanga who just need quick cash. The processes are as follows and some of the processes also applies to those who had miscarriages. They must fetch the spirit of the dead child from you womb, people must remember that the womb had become a death scene using almost the same process that is done when fetching anyone who died outside home e.g. those who died in car accident. Cleaning only the womb will not remove the spirit of the dead child this will also apply to those with miscarriage lihlahla will be used just as its used to those who died outside the home. The child must be given a name and that name will be the one that is to be used when following the processes. Obvious internal cleansing with Timbita will also be needed. If such processes are not followed usually you will encounter continuous miscarriage. The spirit of the child who died in the womb will not allow other children to live in your womb. Those who have committed several abortion will have several spirits of those unborn children living in their womb. Because of those spirits from those unborn children some women found themselves having miscarriages after another. Some of those unborn kids who survive might have disabilities. That is the reason there is a need to fetch the spirit from the death scene which is the womb using lihlala. If possible the remains of the child must be buried but not in a formal grave or having a formal funeral process.
Outside cleansing with muti, goat and umcombotsi will also be very important to remove all the misfortunes that comes with dead unborn child. Timbita will be also very important to drink for internal cleansing of the womb in both circumstances .If the lady is married, during the outside cleansing which requires a goat, umcombotsi and some muti the father must also be part of the cleansing. If they are not married he must arrange his own cleansing as he has also lost a child. The person who had abortion or miscarriage must abstain from sex for up to 6 months minimum 3 months to also avoid infecting the partner with certain sickness and misfortunes. When counting the number of children you must include also the one that was aborted or miscarried.
There are some man especially those who are married who like to force their girlfriends to do abortion because they fear their wives. Such man must be avoided at all cost by ladies. The other very important part will be Kushweleta to appease the ancestors especially if you have done abortion which is equal to murder. Kushweleta will need that you ask your in laws who are the elders to perform such ceremony for you before the cleansing of outside if you are married. You will need a goat sometimes together with a cow and umcombotsi the elders will be the ones pleading for mercy (bakushweletela) on your behalf from the ancestors and to the spirit of the child. The husband must be part of the ceremony to ask for mercy (kushweleta) especially if he was part of the ploy. Its very important to appease ancestors and the spirit of the unborn child before you can move on with your life and such ceremony will definitely needs that you slaughter a goat and maybe a cow, also brew umcombotsi. It must be a proper ceremony conducted by the elders everything must be bought by the one who committed abortion as a sign of asking for mercy. But she must not be the one conducting the ceremony as she is the guilt party. Failing to do kushweleta will have consequences even to you and also to those children who you will decide that you wont abort.
If the lady is not married coming from a dysfunctional home she must ask the uncles to be the ones who plead for mercy on her behalf (bamshweletele) but the requirements will still be the same appeasing the spirit of the child together with the ancestors. But if she still stays in a proper home where there is a father and mother she needs to ask the father to be the one who leads the process of kumshweletela the requirements will still be the same like in the other family structures. Same with the man must ask the father if staying in a proper home or the uncles if coming from a dysfunctional home. The man must do likewise to his family if he was part of the agreement for abortion. If it was just a miscarriage the man will be required to do the normal cleansing without kushweleta same as to the woman. Those woman who are spiritual (Tangoma and Tinyanga) its required for them to have a cleansing after every periods but the cleansing requires only muti not a goat and such can apply to every woman. If you know where the remains of the child are you might need to go there during kushweleta.
There are so many things that can cause miscarriages but those who have that problem must not worry we can easily heal miscarriage. But also following all the process can be a healing on its own especially removing the spirit of the dead child from the death scene which is the womb and also kushweleta if it was abortion. Before you do abortion you must remember that is equal to murder .SIYINDUNA MAPOPO RAMPANE..Ndauwe..Shewe
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