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Ovambo ancestry residing in Ghana. Author, Teacher, leader, lecturer, speaker, poet. Transmitting my passions through various mediums of expression for over 20 years.

Abunu K. Minka – Poetry Feature

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In Search of Africa’s Crowned Jewel 

I’ve traveled 5000km in search of this jewel

The Jewel I seek
is precious and rare,
and loves the texture
of her own hair.

This Jewel is unique
and doesn’t move with the crowd,
She’ll know when to be silent
and when it’s time to be loud.

I don’t know her name
or where to deliver a kiss,
I’m going off of pure faith
that she even exists.

But it’s like I DO know her
this Jewel I adore
I know she is proud to be African
to the depths of her core.

She is tired of the men
so far who’ve all been the same,
a Jewel who values knowledge and wisdom
over money and fame.

She knows that Black isn’t inferior
or subservient to white,
she doesn’t need churches and pastors
to tell her she’s living right.

Only the finest of jewels
are allowed in MY crown,
because when I ignore quality
you know what I’ve found?

I’ve found fake women
with fake personalities
with no substance to them,
plenty of rocks and stone rubble
all posing as gems.

I will find my Jewel
whoever she is where ever she is
From this poem I decree,
because as I’m searching for her
she’s also searching for me.

She will read this and realize
a new world is in store,
so until I hear from you…I wait
sweet Jewel I adore.


~ by Abunu K. Minka

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