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Africa Expects Solutions from It’s Predators

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Sometimes I lose hope that Africa will ever be great again. We are not even moving an inch towards our liberation and what is sad is that most of Africans are under the myth that we are now free and some are even going around claiming they defeated apartheid. It Is a myth that apartheid was defeated, its only those who are political ignorant who believe such a myth. Apartheid as a system was no longer a viable business so they had to change it into another system that would be profitable as the former was no longer profitable. Let’s ay you have released a new car which is selling well and then comes a time when its not selling well, as the owner of that car brand you need to redesign the car and come up with a new model in order to attract new buyers and be profitable again. Apartheid was redesigned by the very same people who had designed it in the first place and a new model of apartheid was re-introduced in 1994 and up to now we are still in that new vehicle that was released in 1994 with a new name called democracy. They changed the driver from NP to a new driver called ANC but the car is still going same direction to fulfil same purpose. After all there is nothing that is called the government of the people by the people. Democracy is also a myth, the very same government that is proclaimed to be democratic is the government of the rich by the rich they spend billions in selecting their own candidates who will do as they please and the masses are just made to think they have a choice by going to endorse the very same candidates who were chosen by the rich who are the very same who previously designed apartheid and now have redesigned a new model of apartheid called it democracy for their own profit. The very same oppressors are the ones who chose and finance the political party of their choice in order for it to win the elections. That is why the rich are getting richer, because the government was chosen by them for themselves and the poor are supposed to endorse their choice through voting.
Black people have neglected their own ways and are always looking for solutions from the very same people who oppressed them. During colonization the whites were killing our people, taking our land , subjecting them to slavery, raping our women, beating and torturing our forefathers. During the period of torture a church was introduced as a refugee for those who are suffering. Even during slavery in America the church would be presenting itself as a place of refuge for those who were persecuted by the slave masters. Most of our people joined the church because it presented itself as a place where one could find peace. The missionaries were behaving as if they were not part of the oppressive regime. Even during apartheid most people were running to churches for protection e.g. Regina Mundi in Soweto. They presented an image the presented the church as different from the oppressive system, as a results most of the so called freedom fighters were Christians even within the PAC an AZAPO. Most political party leaders were Pastors, even in the Black consciousness movement that’s why they adopted the Christian song Nkosi Sikelela I Africa as their main song and neglected African spirituality. The system knew very well that the church was meant to mentally destroy our people and make them obedient slaves. Today our people can kill you whilst defending Christianity, some will even claim Jesus was black or Christianity was started in Africa. Christianity is the main hindrance to the liberation of Africa because the minds are still caged by that religion. Black people spend their time debating and defending all western mythology in which its purpose was to destroy them. Democracy will never liberate Africa instead it will destroy them more. Poor people have no choice but are made to believe they have.
Division among Africans is primarily caused by those western ideas and mythologies, if Africa was pursuing it’s own dynamic philosophy UBUNTU we would be united  long ago and free from oppressors. But it seems not even in the next century will Africa embrace herself and love her own philosophy and find solutions within herself . We shall always be the faithful slave to all the people of the world. Going around like a headless chicken looking for solutions from own oppressors. What Africa is doing is no different than buffaloes going around seeking solutions for from the lions. We are like buffaloes but we expect lions to find solutions for us. The so called solutions from our oppressors are the ones which deepen our slavery. They are just like medication which you drink to control blood pressure but only controls it for a short period of time, but that medication will then causes arthritis, diabetes and eventual kidney failure. Most people who are drinking medication for so called chronic diseases end up having several more chronic diseases which are caused by the very same medication. The purpose of those medications is to create more customers for more profit. All their ism will look like they are controlling a certain social ills yet at the end they produce even more severe social ills. Their democracy is even more toxic to Africa more than the time of colonization. They created what is now called patriarchy through their religion Christianity. The bible is a patriarchal book, women are nothing in the bible. Everything in the bible is about men ,God is a man, Jesus is a man and so is the Holy Spirit. Now they have come with a solution to solve the problem, they created and brought feminism. And most African are thinking feminism will be able to solve the problem yet all that comes from them, it’s like their medication that has serious side effects which are even worse than the problem. In the UBUNTU philosophy we don’t have patriarchal or matriarchal society. But men and woman work together for a common goal, to build their nation. No one will seek to dominate the other because everyone has a very important role in building the nation. We have Gods and Goddesses in our spirituality all the Gods and Goddesses have different roles they play in the Universe. We do not have one male God like in Christianity.
In Ubuntu we understand that man and woman are not the same and they need one another to build a nation or a home. We have different roles to play which  are in line with the uniqueness for both genders. We know that where a woman is weak a man is strong and where a man is weak a woman is strong and in that way they don’t compete and no one will try to be the other but they fully compliment one another. In democracy you have a president who rules the country while in Ubuntu we have a King and the Queen mother (Indlovukazi) as leaders of the nation. Even at home the administration is inclusive where we have Mkhulu and we have Gogo they are followed by Father Inkosi (King) and Mother Inkosikazi (Great King) After them we have Inkosana (Young King) and Inkosazana (Young Great King) all of them have different duties in the home administration they compliment one another, they are not in competition and no one will leave assigned duties and imitate to be the other. I know that those who are ignorant about our culture will always speak rubbish and claim a woman is nothing in our culture whereas a woman is nothing in Christianity and that is in the bible not in Ubuntu. When any one tries to oppress another; there are structures which are in place to deal with the evil person. In Ubuntu we don’t even change a surname of a woman because we don’t have the so called Mrs So and So the surname will remain as it has the role also. Feminism has caused havoc in Africa, it has created so many other problems as it was indeed meant to. There are people who are profiting through the problems of Africa, unfortunately Africans are always the participants of their destruction there are those who are paid by the system for participating in their destruction. Africa is full of sellouts, since the arrivals of the enemy a number of them have been instrumental in destroying Africa and some were kings and even now politicians and kings are at the forefront in the destruction of Africa being paied by the system to do so. Politicians  know very well that they are doing a rubbish job, that’s why they mostly don’t even use the services they provide. If she is a minister of education the child will be in private schools ,if a minister of health their families and the minister goes to private clinics. SIYINDUNA MAPOPO RAMPANE NDAUWE.
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