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Africa Land of The Disabled (Continued)

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MARCUS GARVEY once said any leadership that teaches you to depend on another race is a leadership that will enslave you. Unfortunately all African leaders are just doing that, teaching their people to be dependents of other races, leading to disablement of Africans. Because Africans have become disabled they are happy to always vote for such leadership that promises to do everything for them and even give grants. In a continent of able people there is no need for government grants because people are able to work with their hands and provide for themselves. Bantu Education that is always criticized was far better then the useless thing that is taught to our children now. That education system used to have skills, that’s why most schools which were built by the apartheid government have gardens for children to be taught agriculture practically. But today those gardens are not used to teach children but are now utilized by those who were under bantu education because they were taught how to produce food. If you compare a grade 7 learner of bantu education with a grade 12 learner of the new education system, you will find that the bantu one has a lot of skills and know how to produce something – but the current grade 12 learner is just useless and cannot even change a light bulb. The current government is pushing an education system that is further disabling black people far more than Apartheid. They come with stupid laws like child labour so that we cannot practically teach our children to work with their own hands .
Their education system is based on reading and writing no skills involved. Home economics was teaching a lot but the new government cancelled that good subject. Some of our parents did not even finish high school but had several skills through bantu education, we think we are progressing yet we are going one step forward and 10 steps backwards, no skills we are disabled. Now the government is passionate about teaching 9 year olds about sex and masturbation, something that will do further damage to our children. Some children in other countries at 9 years are learning technology and robotics, being prepared to be part of the 4th industrial revolution but ours here will be taught sex ,masturbation, gays and lesbians. And I know that such lessons were instructed by the government’s real bosses, to be added into the curriculum for the further destruction and disablement of black people. That is why I say the current government is doing an excellent job for their bosses by introducing a useless education system that makes one disabled. Such programs are even funded by outsiders, those who are after the destruction of Africa. The duty of the governments in Africa is to implement the propaganda.
Our children are completely disabled, some aren’t even able to make their beds not to mention cooking and cleaning, for them that is a mountain that is impossible to climb. Sports doesn’t exist in most black schools, they are only reading and writing – concentrating on speaking good English. There is nothing recreational at all, a fish is judged by the ability to climb a tree and a monkey is judged by the ability to swim – that is the education system. The most disabled Africans are found in South Africa because the government is doing well in following the agenda of disabling Africa, in the township most of the skilled work is done by the outsiders eg. tyre fixing, motor mechanic, welding, plumbing, selling fruits & vegetables, electricians, building etc. whilst the citizens are in the corners doing nothing. Before the new government black people those who did bantu education were having grocery shops, small supermarkets, selling fruits & vegetables and tuck shops in the township, but those with the current education are not able to even run a tuck shop. Tuck shop business has been taken over by Somalis ,Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Its only in the land of the disabled where a people from very far can come and run tuck shops/spaza shops, and such is considered normal even by their government. Unemployment is very high, yet people are still learning through a curriculum of the disabled, they have no skills to compete among other nations. Their government is only thinking about teaching sex, masturbation, gays and lesbians instead of skills, agriculture and technology. How can black people go to war when they are not even able to feed themselves. They are taught by their enemies, eating food from their enemies, being healed by their enemies, they are just living for the enemy and how can we have a revolution if we are so disabled. Such disablement is done on purpose so that it is impossible to revolt against the system that is also feeding us. Black people are mentally and physically disabled in order to be submissive slaves of the system.
Religion has also played a very important role in the disablement of black people. Religion has played a part in disabling our people spiritually, physically and mentally. Our people are no longer living, its either Christ or the Devil who lives in them.  They have become sheep, unable to do anything and have put their lives in God’s hands. If something good has happened to them they praise their imported God and say its him who did that and but if something bad happens they will also blame the imported Devil. That has made black people not to partake in anything that is happening in the world whether education, health, industrial, army or economical – they are no where to be found except being consumers and good church goers. Africans are the most religious people on earth, in their hood they have churches every corner, they are not afraid to change a factory into a church then pray for employment in that church. When they they see a vacant land they think of building a church whilst other races will think about building shoping malls, factories, flats and other complexes. When they do good it’s not them it’s the Imported God and when they do bad its not them but its also their imported Devil. Even their imported Holy Book is saying they must not worry about tomorrow. It says look at the birds they don’t plough nor harvest but they are able to eat, as a results of such stupid verses they have comfortable live without planting and harvesting.
Now they have forgotten the importance of land as they even sing and say their home is in Jerusalem are taught to hate this world and look forward to go to the imaginary heaven. The Europeans, Indians and Chinese have made their heaven here in Africa but Africans are looking forward to go to Jerusalem as their Home (Jerusalem ikhaya lami engilithandayo ngiyalilangazelela). Most Africans are fine with being landless as long as they eat and  get RDP houses, it’s not an issue to them because they have their imaginary heaven. Africans in the rural areas especially the elders have incredible skills especially in healing but some have forsaken those skills because of religion. The government is always looking for solutions among white people, they don’t recognize their own people who can bring solutions to our problems. They don’t have any confidence in Black people because they know they are disabling all of them through education, religion and media. As long we are still not prepared to take our fate into our hands we shall remain disabled and slaves to all nations and all the people of this world will call us lazy, and indeed we are lazy to use hands and our brains to come up with solutions. WILL WE EVER RISE AGAIN SINCE WE HAVE FORSAKEN EVERYTHING THAT IS US? SIYINDUNA MAPOPO RAMPANE NDAUWE.
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