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America and immigrants

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Unless one is of native American ancestry, then one can’t claim nativity of the United States of America. This simply means that way less than 5% of the 320 million strong population can claim some form of ancestry that links them to territorial America.

In the 1500s, immigrants from Europe gave themselves unwarranted right to invade the area that is now called USA and in the subsequent centuries nearly wiped all the native tribes of America off the face of the earth (some tribes completely wiped out). Simultaneously, they were shipping in immigrants from another continent, Africa, to aid their take over of American territory with free labour – in the process committing the most gratuitous crimes known to humanity to the immigrants that were shipped in from Africa.

Fast forward to 1776, and the illegal immigrants from Europe installed themselves as “real Americans” after uniting various colonised territories into a federal government. From then on they build a country on the back on thievery, gross violation of human rights and criminality to proportions never seen before.

At the centre of this rise of the United States it has always been immigrants who are exploited for their labour, physical and intellectual alike. To this day America brain drains the rest of the world to fuel its economy and human capital skills shortage with devices like the H-1B Visa – a visa that allows corporations and institutions to keep scarce skills individuals in the country indefinitely for as long as they are providing service to that corporation and therefore by extent the American economy.

Therefore when certain parties, made up of immigrants of course, talk about border patrol and kicking out “illegal” immigrants from USA it really takes us deep into the psychology of white supremacy – that a group of people fancy themselves gods in a way, with ownership of whatever place they set foot on in this world. The arrogance…

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