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Faith, hope and love . I’m a writer who writes from the heart to reach a heart.  I love the beach. I love to smile, I love sports and I love making memories with people. And i just write about the journey of life which I’m on.


The Blackness

Why do I fight you
Black on black that’s what we are
Do I fight you because
Too much black is bad for the world

Why do I take away from you
Black Hands you have black hands i have
Do I take away from you because
I feel our black hands
Only take and never give

Why do I run away from you
Do I confuse our blackness
With that of the night

Why do I not see you
Is our blackness like
That of a dark hole
Where you look and you see nothing

Black is beautiful
Black don’t crack

Do I know these words about my skin colour
Is the way we were treated back then
Cloud our mind right now
Do I look at what they did
And say maybe they were
Shedding light on us

Does our blackness cover our eyes

– End –


Concrete streets, concrete walls
The concrete covers the sunlight
To feel the warmth of the sun has become a privilege

Our dreams have become like the moonlight
A light far away which we may never reach
They become bigger and smaller
Depending on how we feel about ourselves

Our lives have become like the sun
Bright smiles, bright lifestyle
But they can’t look at me and I can’t look at me
Because what will see
Will hurt our eyes

Concrete streets, concrete walls
What fills up these concrete streets, lust
I walk run chase but my shoes have no dust
No dust in my shoes
So I can tell you whatever I choose
So you will never know my doings
But my heart is lost in these concrete ruins

Concrete streets, concrete roads
As I walk on this road I’m hit by road signs
Teaching me new teachings
A concrete world requires
A concrete heart
Teachings you teach me concrete road
Are they to free me
Teaching you teach me concrete road
Are to trap me in your concrete streets

– End –


If You Allow It

Pretty girl may you give me
The pleasure of making you smile
If you allow it maybe my hand
Might just hold yours as we walk down the aisle
Allow me to walk my fingers up your arm
Just to show you no mountain is to high
I will climb and escape with no harm

Allow me to look into your eyes and fall in love
The body gets old but the eyes never change like that man above
Allow me to lift you off the ground so we can exchange trust
I won’t lie sometimes I look at you
And I fall victim to lust

Allow me to kiss your lips
While my fingers do the love slide on your hips
Let me slide my fingers through your breasts
So you can know that I will walk on by when
Other woman put me through the test

Allow me to be right by your side
I will be the seeker when your smile
Decide it wants to hide
Allow me to stay close and hold you tight
If you want I can wake up
And compliment your beauty in the middle of the night

Allow me to admire your body
I will admire it even when you feel like
It’s getting a bit too heavy
Allow me to pleasure you
Sometimes actions are the best way to say
I love you

Allow me to make my heart beat your pillow
The pleasure of greeting you with the sunshine
The pleasures of cupid’s arrow
Allow me to wake up next to you and ask me
To comment on your figure
But everything in due course first allow me
To decorate your ring finger

If you allow it pretty girl
May I have the pleasure of sharing your smile
So I can look at you And say
I can’t believe that you are mine

– End –

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