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AS I travel through various towns and strange places

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“AS I travel through various towns and strange places, I see the same smiles and frowns on the same faces” are the words of Master ACE, blaring in my membrane from his song H.O.O.D.  This comes after my realization that societies don’t differ much; it’s our minds that separate “US” from “WE”, the greater population, irrespective of culture, language and the biggest cosmetic of all Race.

The Black man in Mozambique still wears the mask of colonialism, and the scars of  poverty and violence have not healed. Poverty of the mind, not that of the stomach because here, most families survive off of the land they live on, where as back in South Africa (Africa do Sul) the very same land that could feed thousands is owned by a small population and in order for you to earn a small piece of land, you need to have learned the ways of acquisition (get a qualification) and the wallet for elite commercialism.  Hence we Africans are faced with a huge problem where one man, in particular, the Mozambican black man is with food but no skill, i.e. an education and his neighbor, the South African has little skill but with no food. One coin with two sides, one side polished and the other tarnished can’t be worth much.

As neighbors, (how can?) we exchange knowledge, information and cultures so that we’re both live in an equal society, where we’re all equally educated about the opportunities that are at our disposal and still be, capable of working with our hands (21 in Mozambique, 11 and counting in Africa do Sul), South Africa as the older brother can lend a big hand of help to his little sister Mozambique.  Both countries have a lot in common, they both have more national languages than you and I have fingers, beautiful coast lines, eager and hard working citizens, an abundance of infrastructure, corrupt politicians and colorful cultures . Now I understand that I may be accused of being an idealist, a dreamer but pardon me for wanting a better Africa for every sister out there and my benevolent clan. The world won’t see it as a reality, especially when some realities are seen as far fetch.  “Africa was almost robbed naked” (Nas) and it can be seen. I challenge you to explore that phrase for it didn’t just serve as a nice line to a song; the author must’ve seen something that inspired his consciousness to scribble a song about it, the African Renaissance is imminent, I am starting to believe it “yes we can” be giants and wear a different face than the one (imprisoned) given.

I hope that in the near future I come back with a movement of people, who are willing to make a change for Africa but primarily (for now) their neighbor. I leave Mozambique humbled, touched by the selfless attitude of the people, mesmerized by their women and their sacrifices don’t go unnoticed. “Obrigado Mozambique, voce e maningue nice”


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