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Autumn/Winter 2011: All aboard the fabulous express…

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by Gugu Masondo:

Autumn/Winter 2011

Fashion rules that everyone should live by:

  • Dress for your body type
  • Always be comfortable
  • Never just follow trends, personalise them

Just because it’s this seasons hot item doesn’t mean that it’s made for everyone, remember that we are all made differently and thus we have different body types, what looks good on you doesn’t necessarily look good on me as much as designers try, not every item is “one size fits all” or just because it’s made in your size does not mean that its fashionable acceptable for you to wear it. Chances are the even if it is in your size, it just doesn’t fit right and its pointless to look fashionable but not be comfortable because at the end of the day you’re just going to be worried about the fit, if everything is in the right place, if that is sticking out or you can’t move cause it’s too small or too big, trust me on this one. Never sacrifice on comfort, you perform at your best when your comfortable and its one less thing to worry about. Never just wear items just because that’s the trend, make it your own, don’t copy and paste fashion, be a creator of it.

Let’s talk autumn/winter 2011; Aviator/military inspired clothing is big this season with boots, coats and the earthy toned colour scheme: beige, olive green and all shades of green. Another hot item and my personal favourite the faux fur GILET (pronounced jee-lay) it looks like a waistcoat but not quite. This item is perfect for winter as this season is when layering is prominent, it does get a bit chilly you know. The ‘classic black’ of winter is knit wear, we all wear knitwear, it’s just the different styles that make each of us different. That said, it’s a new season and what that means personally to me is, a new wardrobe and another opportunity to express myself in a new way with my clothes because there’s nothing that says sexy and sophisticated like a pair of black elegant sky high stilettos.

For all of you who think that the above mentioned items are a bit of the dull side of life, there’s one last trend that I’m a bit sceptical of bringing up because if it’s not done correctly is a fashion disaster of note. Animal print more specifically leopard print, if done correctly leopard print is the sexiest thing that a lady can wear, ooohhh leopard print and please not more than one print per outfit, I’m begging PLEASE. See insert of Buhle Moletsane wearing it elegantly, ladies take note!

Stay Fabulous, Stay Glamourous, Stay YOURSELF
Gugu Masondo

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