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AzaniaZulu Catalogue 2014

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Warm Greetings,

Please find attached the latest Azania Zulu Catalogue.

To order please call 072 373 6910

or email sindib@azaniazulu.com.


Download the Azania Zulu Catalogue 2014

Download the Azania Zulu Catalogue 2014

The Azania Zulu Story

AzaniaZulu Clothing Brand was born out of passion and love for the African Continent. Youthful, revolutionary and urban the brand seeks to spread inspiration & positivity and to use clothing as an expression s glory.

All our products are locally made and fully qualify for the ‘Made in Africa’ stamp.
Founded in March 2011 by Miss Sindi Buthelezi, AzaniaZulu Clothing Brand has grown from humble beginnings to be one of the most respected brands in Pretoria, South Africa and slowly moving to other parts of the country and the African continent. She plans to use the rand as a means to rebuild Africa and to inspire others esp. the youth to pursue the field of entrepreneurship.

Azania is an indigenous name for the country South Africa and at some point the continent Africa was referred to as Azania. Once an anonymous historian mentioned that Azania is a conglomeration of ” to mother Africa, the supreme force which binds us all.

Zulu – derived from the word “iZulu”, means Heaven.

AzaniaZulu means “Africa is Heaven”


Stay Connected: www.azaniazulu.com/shop

Facebook: AzaniaZulu Twitter: AzaniaZulu

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