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BAM! Night with Capital Arts Revolution and Art Kitchen

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Capital Arts Revolution & Arts Kitchen

Here I am. I feel like I’ve arrived at an exuberant mid-summer Cuban festival being held within the bountiful parameters of an exiled and exotic Mexico terrace. The environment reverberates with music made by strings and the fingers that strum them. Yet, in the moment of my arrival, it is the music produced by the view of a colourful array of characters that candidly and confidently play out in a theatre of dreams before me that mostly touches my soul. I see a small and intimate glazed wooden stage set-up with a variety of instruments and the words CAPITALS ART REVOLUTION hanging on a white banister, underneath it another one with the words ART KITCHEN shouts out to be seen in red. To the peripherals of the stage is an off-white, one-story apartment block with shrouds of paint peeling here and there. Sometime in the night as a band by the name of “Donkey” play I see an African woman sitting serenely on a chair holding an infant while the lead singer sings.


This was on a Friday on the 23rd of March at an all-access, free music gig in the “Cap City”. In all, it was an eclectic session of live-music, poetry and freshly-squeezed hip hop (much props to the GYG who rocked it!). Visual art and crafts had their own stage as well from sublime sketches of an Eye in which the pupil serves as a travel map of an imaginary condition to simple stuff like tie-die vests and vintage earrings the kind that was dug out from someone’s granny’s kist. The Old Museum Building courtyard was brimming with a colourful people who love and appreciate live -music and art. I was one of them. Some of the bands that performed include Big City, Ndo & the Revolution, GYG, Donkey and Naphtali & The Royal Family.

Capital Arts Revolutionary represents a collective of Artists from all corners of the country, the continent and the world that are currently living and working in the Capital City. The collective consists of musicians, photographers, graphic designers, set designers, film makers, poets and fine artists…”

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