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by Thami Mdluli (producer)

Berita is a vocalist

Berita is a vocalist, guitarist and singer-songwriter who can be best described as a musical powerhouse. At 20 years old she is releasing her debut album ‘The conquering Spirit’ which best reflects contemporary Afrocentric-soul music. Written in English, Xhosa, Ndebele and Shona the album entails soul soothing, guitar rhythmic stories that capture the innermost emotions of the soul.

‘Kwehlule mama’ is the song most touching mother- daughter song since Brenda’s ‘mama you won’t weep again.’ ”I wrote it for my mother, to let her know that I won’t disappoint, her, whatever I do I think of her, even my stage name is her name, I want to honour her, it is my dream that her name becomes a brand name,” she says, I’m touched deeply. This song is surely going to positively impact how young women think! Then there is the heart wrenching ‘Thandolwethu’, the song that describes a broken dream of love.

You ask her how long she has been writing and singing then you will be shocked. How can there be so much depth to someone who has only been writing music for a year and a half?

‘It all happened so fast, one minute I was lost in sorrow not knowing where life was leading me, the next I was playing a guitar and piano, then I discovered I could sing, then before I knew it was filled with melodies in my head,’ really? I’m amused.

Berita is a vocalist

The voice is on a magnitude of its own, so soulful it’s like you can almost touch it. Then there is the way she writes, so encapsulating yet inviting. I am convinced Berita is a name we will be talking about for years to come. I foresee the birth of an international act!

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