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Beyond the Surface

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Beyond the Surface

I’ve always wondered why women shave their legs. Who do leg hairs bother? They warm you in winter and, with the help of sweat glands, cool you in summer – if anything, they’re a win! Every time the question of shaving legs boggled my mind, the rich assumption that silky smooth legs seem to be more a need that bread on tables would settle me. It makes sense; hairy legs are not always a good look.

You may think this is petty but good looks are fundamental! Here’s proof; most ladies are perfectly content eating 2-minute noodles for dinner every night than not have their monthly supply of lip gloss or mascara. Or better/worst yet, most would rather go a month or two without groceries than not have their 100% human hair weave (with a fringe) and holding spray. If there’s change after hair treatment, one then throws in cheap foundation, tweezers and an eye pencil… then the artistry begins.

I personally don’t shave my legs.  On some days, I look at them, my legs, think about my destiny and wonder if my legs are strong enough for the weight on my shoulders, or whether they are wise enough to know which obstacles to overtake and which to hurdle over. Legs, shaved or not, are no good if they can’t carry you to your tomorrows, right?

So I often look at them, my legs, brush them (and my leg hairs) gently, and thank God that I even have them.

What are the real issues, though? Why do women feel, so strongly, the need to improve or enhance their appearance? Could it be that we misunderstand beauty? Isn’t beauty from within? I always say, if a smile can’t enhance your beauty, no amount of makeup can. Many believe this to be true, they nod their heads in agreement while waving blush brushes over their suddenly rosy cheeks and reaching for their lip liners.

Beyond shaving legs and weaving hair, perhaps we need to spend time shaving the surface of our souls. This shaving experience would rid us of the things that prevent us from seeing the true beauty of our being.

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