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By Molemo Cedric Khabane
(Emperor Sir Mo von Wu.)

Funny how South Africa doesnt seem to recognise Steve Bantu Biko but as im writing this piece, in heaven, there’s a place called Bikoville. It is not suburbia but a place of thinkers. It has Ramphele Avenue which is a mile away from Guevara estate and Huddleston Chapel. Opposite the Nkrumah Institute of Socrates which is headed b Pablo Neruda. The Mayor is the son of Muhammad, Malik El Shabazz, Malcolm X. Bikoville has a railway service called The Garvey Train which ferries academics such as Prof Tupac Shakur, Dr Ras Tafari, Mrs R Parks, Wole Soyinka among others.

But Bikoville couldnt be in existence if it was not for the intelligence of Karl Marx and the bravery of Bambaata ka Mancinza, Hintsa and Lepoqo Moshoeshoe, Shaka’s right hand men. Luminaries such as Samora Machel, Julius Nyerere, Patrice Lumumba, Rev Martin Luther King jr, Percy Huey Newton, Mother Theresa, Chief Luthuli, Sol ka Plaatjie, Mangaliso Sobukwe, Robert Nesta Marley among others, are all proud citizens of Bikoville. The only recognised Political movement in Bikoville is Communist BCM headed by Chris Hani and Joe Slovo. A question remains tho, where is Bantu Biko in a place named after him in heaven? Well, Bantu Biko is still being conceived, he will grow up to ba a leader in Bikoville(AZANIA)welcome to Bikoville, a place of Peace, Harmony and Intellect.

A Place where GOD is a Human Being.

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