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Lecturer, researcher, strategist and practitioner within Afrikan history, culture, community empowerment and social transformation. I'm an Afrikan man, student of my Ancestor's Legacies, trying to live life to the fullest, squeezing meaning out of every experience and encounter.

The Black on Black violence – and threats thereof – by Black South Afrikans against other Afrikan nationals

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The Black on Black violence – and threats thereof – by Black South Afrikans against other Afrikan nationals is a triumph to White Supremacy. It is shocking that many Black South Afrikans don’t see this. The pattern of inter-Afrikan hatred follows the very same design as the Apartheid regime used to set Black South Afrikans up to kill each other in the 80’s. Recent campaigns of burning houses, chasing residents and escalating levels of violence are said to be in the interest of cleaning up drug trade, prostitution and crime. This is a dangerous – and wrong – assumption. Besides the ridiculously exaggerated notion that “all Afrikans from other countries are involved in crime”, it is not the Black person on the street corner, at the drug house or at the corner-brothel who “runs this business”. The real culprits behind such crimes sit high in the systems of police, government, international trade, syndicates and cartels. Chasing people in the ghetto is NOT going to put a stop to ANY of these crimes. Black people on the ground ONLY play the role of being running-boys for bigger powers.

A march is planned in Tshwane on 24th February to “stop the crime and destruction committed by Zimbabweans and Nigerians”. In the invitation letter it is alleged that “these foreigners are stealing jobs from whites in SA”. It is so beyond that you would think it is written by Trump’s and Putin’s speech-teams combined. Only that it is not a speech. It is the stark reality of building up to another explosion of Black people killing Black people. The only winner – again – will be White Power. Because this violence will escalate to levels we have not seen yet. It is not just the madness of Black South Afrikans with misguided issues of rage. It is also the “rest of Afrika” who have had it with nonsensical violence from South Afrikans. Defense and counter-attacks are being planned. The nightmare of an Afrikan bloodbath that only the whitest, colonial fantasy can construct.

The Big Boys on top are grinning big and shaking each other’s hand: “These Blacks are just too easy to manipulate, ey? We made them kill each other AGAIN! God, we’re good!”

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