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Baba Buntu is an Activist Scholar and Founding Director of eBukhosini Solutions; a community-based company in Johannesburg, specializing in Afrikan-Centered Education. As a Pan-Afrikan educator, writer, mentor and practitioner, Baba Buntu has more than 30 years of experience in conceptualizing and contributing to programs on social development, innovative entrepreneurship and cultural empowerment. He has founded a number of community interventions based on practical approaches to Black Consciousness and decolonial methods. With experience from working engagements in Afrika, the Caribbean and Europe, Buntu’s passion lies within people-centred development for practical empowerment of Afrikan youth, families and communities. He holds a Doctoral and a Master Degree in Philosophy of Education from UNISA.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH SEMINARS “Afrikan History and The Need for Reparations” February 2019

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eBukhosini Solutions is working in collaboration with various community partners to present seminars about Afrikan History during the month of February. A total of 9 seminars will be hosted with the aim of inspiring young and old to learn more about our continent. The theme this year is REPARATIONS AND AFRIKAN HISTORY for the events, but each group will approach the theme in particular ways that makes sense to them. This can involve looking at REPARATIONS in regard to economics, land, spirituality, family, governance and, perhaps, most importantly, self-repair.

Confirmed dates:

15 February: Klerksdorp
16 February, 9am: Ventersdorp
17 February, 11am: Tshwane
20 February, 12pm: Tembisa
22 February, 12pm: University of Johannesburg
23 February, 11am: Vlakfontien
24 February, 1pm: Jeppestown, Johannesburg
01 March, 3pm: Katlehong
02 March, 10am: Lenasia South

See event details here: https://web.facebook.com/events/2831028617114534/

For more information and interviews, contact Yonela Boya in the office of eBukhosini Solutions on 074 690 4012 / info@ebukhosinisolutions.co.za


Black/Afrikan History Month is a Pan-Afrikan event, observed in many countries around the world. It was first conceptualised in 1926 by Afrikan American historian, Carter G. Woodson (1875-1950), as an annual awareness of Black history and achievements. eBukhosini Solutions has, since 2003, hosted workshops and seminars during the month of February, to engage communities in knowledge about Afrikan history. As a community organization, eBukhosini Solutions, organizes activities related to Afrikan history every month of the year, but also recognizes the need to do an extra effort in February.


Black History Month offers an opportunity to particularly zone in on some of the many important aspects of Afrika’s history. We realize that the educational institutions that are tasked with teaching history do not present the rich vastness of the historical legacies of Afrika. There is a huge gap of ignorance about our history, and we see these seminars as an attempt to improve people’s awareness.

We see the undermining of Afrikan history as an intentional form of marginalization and misrepresentation, causing great psychological, cultural and economic damage to Afrika. This year the focus will be on highlights of Afrikan history in relation to the need for Reparations.


Reparations is understood as practical forms of “transitional justice”, encompassing compensation, redress and restitution for systemic atrocities that the Western and Arab world forced on Afrika historically. This will be looked at from the angles of economy, land, spirituality, family, governance and, perhaps most importantly, self-repair.


The objective of this year’s Black History Month seminars is to reach out to community members, especially young people, with inspiring and thought-provoking presentations and discussions to awaken interest in Afrikan history and the question of Reparations. The information will be a direct investment in young people’s ability to develop tools for self-understanding and become independent, proud and entrepreneurial Afrikans: Self-knowledge is critical for justice, conflict resolution and social cohesion.


Although the seminars are open to all age groups, the primary target group for the presentations are young people. Through an engaging and participatory presentation style, the audience will become active participants in a reflective, knowledge-based and creative empowerment process.

ABOUT eBukhosini Solutions
eBUKHOSINI SOLUTIONS is a community based company offering consultation and services related to social transformation, community development, youth empowerment, leadership training and Afrikan Centred Education. The company has a strong focus on equipping the Afrikan Family and Community with practical skills, inspired by philosophies of Black Consciousness, Pan-Afrikan praxis and decolonial transdisciplinarity.


Saturday 15 February, Klerksdorp [TBC]
Information: 072 904 3692

Saturday 16 February, 09am: Ventersdorp
Venue: JB Marks Municipality at the community hall
Host organization: Bakwena Ba Mogôpa Community
Information: 074 126 7266

Sunday 17 February, 11am: Tshwane
Venue: Old fire station. 146 Minnaar Street Bosman
Information: 061 041 4342

Wednesday 20 February,12pm : Tembisa
Venue: 4Room Creative Village. 91 Zambia street, eThafeni section, Tembisa 1632
Information: 083 973 7403

Friday 22 February, 12:00pm: University of Johannesburg (UJ)
Venue: (Kingsway Campus), Auckland Park
Host organisation: Ubuntu Awakening
Information: 064 659 4124

Saturday 23 February, 10am: Vlakfontein
Venue: 5600 Elephant Street Vlakfontein proper, Khomanani Hall, next to Vlakfontein Clinic
Host organisation: Vlakfontein Men’s Forum
Information: 073 985 4388

Sunday 24 February, 1pm: Johannesburg
Venue: eBukhosini Solutions, 444 Marshall Street (Entrance: R50)
Information: 074 690 4012

Friday 1 March, 3pm: Kathorus (Katlehong)
Venue: 225 Qhamaki Street, Monise section Katlehong 1431
Information: 071 418 1112 / 084 999 1307

Saturday 2 March, 10am: Lenasia South
Venue: Lenasia South Civic Centre
Information: 073 923 9421

For program details and updates: https://web.facebook.com/events/2831028617114534/

For more information and interviews, contact Yonela Boya in the office of eBukhosini Solutions on 074 690 4012 / info@ebukhosinisolutions.co.za

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