BLACK HISTORY MONTH SEMINARS “Decolonizing Afrikan History” – February 2017

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eBukhosini Solutions is working in collaboration with various community partners to present seminars on Decolonization of Afrikan History. A total of 6 seminars will be hosted with the aim of inspiring young and old to learn more about our continent. The emphasis on “decolonization” is a response to the aftermath of Fees Must Fall / Rhodes Must Fall and other protest movements who have called for transformation in education. The seminars will give a practical demonstration of what and how Afrikan history can be presented in a way that people – especially our youth – can relate to it.

Confirmed dates:

13 February in Kagiso: “Introduction to Afrikan History”
Host: Making Us Youth Organization

18 February in Thokoza: “Introduction to Afrikan History”
Host: Thokoza Library, Funda Smart, The Voice and Rata Botho Foundation

19 February in Soweto: “The Rise and Fall of Afrika”
Host: Nkomo Legacy

23 February in Vaal: “Introduction to Afrikan History”
Host: Clique Concepts

25 February in Rustenburg (North West Province): “Developing an IKS Curriculum for Youth”
Host: Ikitse IKS

26 February in Orange Farm: “The Rise and Fall of Afrika”
Host: Bantu Quest Development Service

See event details here:

For more information and interviews, contact Media Liaison Pitsi Ragophala on 074 690 4012 /

Black/Afrikan History Month is a Pan-Afrikan event, observed in many countries around the world. It was first conceptualised in 1926 by Afrikan American historian, Carter G. Woodson (1875-1950), as an annual awareness of Black history and achievements. eBukhosini Solutions has, since 2003, hosted workshops and seminars during the month of February, to engage communities in knowledge about Afrikan history. The events will serve to commemorate the immense contributions of Afrikan women in the struggle for Afrikan liberation, such as Queen Nzinga (1580 – 1663), Mama Nandi (1750 – 1828), Yaa Asantewaa (1850 – 1920) and Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti (1900 – 1978). Also, the month of February is chosen to acknowledge legacies of resistance and empowerment by student leader Onkgopotse Abram Tiro (1947-1974), human rights activist Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe (1924-1978) and distinguished Senegalese scholar Cheikh Anta Diop (1923-1986).

This year’s Black History Month will have its’ main focus on decolonization of Afrikan history. This comes as a follow-up to the demands raised by students and community members all over the country through movements like Fees Must Fall and Rhodes Must Fall. A strong call has been made for decolonization of education. But, what does decolonization mean, in practical terms? In the events of Black History Month there will be practical demonstrations of what and how Afrikan history can be taught in community settings; in ways that are relevant, especially to our youth.

Through a number of sub-themes, such as “Introduction to Afrikan History”, “The Rise and Fall of Afrikan History” and “History of Pan-Afrikanism”, particular events, significant people and illustrations of Afrika’s great civilizations will be highlighted. The seminars will be interactive and dynamic. Baba Buntu (Executive Director of eBukhosini Solutions) will present at all the seminars, and will be joined by different co-speakers at different events.


The objective of this year’s Black History Month seminars is to reach out to community members, especially young people, with inspiring and thought-provoking presentations to awaken interest in Afrikan history. The information will be thought-provoking, relevant and help young people to develop tools for self-understanding and become independent, proud and entrepreneurial Afrikans. Self-knowledge is critical for justice, conflict resolution and social cohesion.


Since recent events in South Afrika have proven that a wave of new thinking is growing among young people, the primary target group for the presentations are young people. However, older audience groups will also be mobilized, particularly those who have little or no interest in knowledge of history. Through an engaging and participatory presentation style, the audience will become active participants in a reflective, knowledge-based and creative empowerment process.

ABOUT eBukhosini Solutions

eBUKHOSINI SOLUTIONS is a community based company offering consultation and services related to social transformation, community development, youth empowerment, leadership training and Afrikan Centred Education. The company has a strong focus on equipping the Afrikan Family and Community with practical skills, inspired by philosophies of Black Consciousness, Pan-Afrikan praxis and decolonial transdisciplinarity.
For more information and interviews, contact Media Liaison Pitsi Ragophala on 074 690 4012 /

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