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Book Preview : Spilling ink on my thoughts

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In our relationships we experience different stages, much like life itself, but fail to acknowledge that it is what needs to happen in order to progress and to learn more from the other individual as much as we need to learn to get to know ourselves within that relationship. And especially as men, it is hard to express ourselves in the way our opposite gender would understand, and that some of our fathers weren’t exactly the perfect example when it came to opening up and leaving behind the swollen ego we carry around to shield our precious manhood’s. This is why we find it difficult to go within and find the root of the problem, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Spilling Ink On my Thoughts book review

This book contains experiences within the stages of a relationship that I have experienced and continue experiencing in my life. I have experienced at least four stages within that relationship, in the beginning, when everything is still fresh and all you can think about is the person you just locked eyes with, or someone you bumped into under very unexplainable circumstances but when it comes to love, who needs explanations, right.

So the two of you finally get to talking and find out more about each other, and five to six months down the line the infatuation wears off, you now get to know who this person really is, and the decision whether to stay or you leave.

Or you could find yourself in, situations you have no control over, he/she has left and is out of your life, but you don’t want to let go, what if you don’t have a choice and you can’t ever see him/her again. This is described in the third chapter of the book.

The last chapter describes the realization of finding your life partner, the one, in other words and the decision to live with each other’s shortcomings. Here you’ll find the wonders of love and what it encompasses, but even more so there’s a realization of self. Allowing someone into your own space is not always an easy thing to do, which is why you get into arguments and fights which will not resolve itself, but will need both of your attention to come to terms with the heart of the matter. The last piece (thank you…) that I have rendered is a dedication to all those who have overcome the pressures of a relationship, our parents, grandparents, etc. whose love for one another has stood the test of time, through the hurt and turmoil that they have encountered in their lives together and who has prospered into living, well, as only celluloid would deliver, happily ever after, depending on how you want to see it. In the end love shines through…

Following Poetry by :


Enough is enough!

I watch the tears

Form trails of torrid times

From your eyes

To where they fall and splatter

Like shattered dishes

In white households

But I’ve had to turn my heart cold…

– end –

It’s in your hands

Touch me gently

When you pick me up

And use me

I’ve been here before you

You have no right to abuse me

So respect me

When you’re sad

I cry

When you smile

I’m high

When you lie

I lie

But don’t abuse me

I said

Love me instead

Feed me food for thought

Leave me wanting for more

But don’t ignore my call

Your heart beat

Flows blood through my vein

And speaks truth through its pain

When I feel empty

Fill me up again

Satisfy my hunger

And you’ll never fear the thunder

Feed me happy thoughts

And words will dance on pages

Feed me fear

And face the sword

Alone on stages

Love’s the only price tag

Written or

Behind a mic-stand

Picture me rolling

Said the pen to my right hand…

– end –

Watch the unexpected

In love I felt again

But for a different cause this time

The basis to be love

And I saw the sign

Your heart and mind

Be mine to be yours sublime

And I remained in heaven

After we kissed goodnight last night.

The last I remembered,

Were the bright lights,

Tyres screeching,

The shattered windscreen


Your screaming…

– end –

Thank you

He saw the love in her eyes

As she saw truth in his

And in yet another love Jones moment

God’s will unfolded

Two souls had inner standing

On what heaven on earth really meant

Even as tough times taunted

Until there love was nearly spent

Much times when two collide

They become severely bent

But gentle as clouds

They fused there friendship furthermore

Forming lightning and thunder

As one would hunger

For health and happiness

Harboured in honesty

Just in case those tough times turn out torridly

But in the richest soil

There love was deeply rooted

And in a sweet melody

Was a wedding ring

A “will you marry me”

And after 7 still in Billy’s eye

Shines the light that’s seen in Sarah’s smile…

– end –

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