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Born Again(Africa A Land Of Children)

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“Born Again” one of the words that have destroyed Africa because being born again is where one has been fully brainwashed by the system. I know that Africans all over Africa are the most religious people in the world. Writing about such will offend more people and some might even unfriend me, but I’m not writing to please anyone but to contribute to the liberation of Africa. Since the colonisers came to Africa with their religion of being born again; Africans has failed to progress in any area. Africa was the first to civilise the world, we had very powerful Kingdoms eg. Mapungubwe, Monomotapa, and Kemet trading all over the world. But since we accepted the foreign religion and become born again; nothing has been achieved because instead of growing up we became children. All other nations are growing up, but Africans are becoming children(CHILDREN OF GOD). There is no need for anyone to be born again but there is a need for everyone to grow and mature. Our elders’ bayaguga instead of babe badzala that’s why they don’t know anything, for adults and those who are mature. Some of them don’t even qualify to be called Mkhulu and Gogo because they are just Izaguga that’s all, no knowledge of anything about our culture.
Most of our people who were the fountain of knowledge accepted to be born again and become children instead of being adults. Since Africans have been brainwashed to be children of the so-called God there has been no progress in their lives. We used to say when an elder dies a library has been burnt down but this is no longer the truth because those elders have become children and have lost all the required knowledge for elders. You might also be in the process of being that kind of an elder because you have accepted to be a child by also being born again instead of growing. Your grandmothers and Fathers are now called children in churches instead of growing up they have become children. Some boys (PASTORS) are calling your grandmother and father my child in the church what can one learn from such Grandmothers and fathers who instead of growing up have become children. You found a church with over 10 Million Africans and all the 10 Million people have become children, only one is an adult and he is called Man of God and his Wife is also a Woman of God the others are children. Africans have become incapable of doing anything and also of taking responsibility for anything. If an African has done something good he or she will say it’s God who has done that and if an African has done something bad he or she will say it’s the Devil who has done that. The life of an African is always around the two imaginary creatures God and the Devil they themselves are not capable of doing anything good or bad. Can a nation move forward with such childish people?
These so-called children of God are not responsible for anything for themselves it’s either God or Satan to them who can do something. Africans have completely lost confidence in themselves and think they are not able to do anything for themselves because they are children. For over 400 years Africa has not been doing or taking responsibility for herself but has given the responsibility to the so-called God and Satan to do things for them. For every problem Africa is facing; she kneels down and prays because she was taught that prayer is the solution to every problem in which is not true. After praying and with no results they will blame the Devil. They say Africans are lazy and that is true we are lazy to use our minds to come up with solutions and to take responsibility for our actions, we have given our lives to an imaginary God and when things don’t go our ways we blame the Devil. Oh Africa! when are you going to grow up and take responsibility instead of entrusting your life to the imaginary God and the imaginary Devil? Because Africans have been born again to be children; they have lost everything. As as i write this article Africans are facing landlessness, poverty, diseases, homeless, hunger, broken families, drugs, crime, murder, etc but think they will overcome all these through prayer. They have been praying for over 400 years with no answer and are blaming the Devil. They will go and pray in churches and keep saying “I receive! I receive!” instead of standing up and working towards changing their lives. Other nations are busy enriching themselves through their resources whilst they are busy praying and casting out the Devil. Oh Africa! Stand up and grow, stop praying and face your problems; for as you are praying other nations like Europeans, Chinese, Indians, and Arabs are preying on you! By the time you say amen, all will be taken from you.
Sometimes they will look up to the government to change things yet the government is also part of the problem. Those people who are elected are there not to better the lives of the people but to better themselves. Same as those who are starting churches; are not doing it to change the lives of the community but to change and enrich their own lives. Politicians and Church leaders are in the same WhatsApp group; they don’t want to be grown-ups, people who can think for themselves – they all want to be children. We have lost our education system, economic system, agricultural system, family structures, our culture, our spirituality – everything that we do now has been given to us. We have nothing of our own because we have accepted to be children. Even our children political leaders are going around the world asking for help and donations because we are now a charity case for everyone. We were once mighty kingdoms leading the world and teaching everyone, but now we have become children who need care from everyone in the world. As long as we are still children we will remain slaves and dependents of everyone else, we will go from Europe, China, Russia, India, America looking for help. Yet Africa does not need help from all those countries because we have all the natural resources those countries need, but we don’t need them. Rise Africa and become an adult, give back the European their God and start doing things for yourself for how long are you going to be a dependent (child of God) take responsibility for your life, and forget about this imaginary God that you have given your life to and that imaginary Devil that you always blame for your failures. SIYINDUNA MAPOPO RAMPANE NDAUWE.
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