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Chimurenga, is a pan African publication of writing, art and politics based in Cape Town. Since its inception in 2002,Chimurenga has received excellent reviews; writers, poets, scholars, artists and journalists, among numerous others, have lauded its originality and quality of its content. It is widely viewed as one of the most interesting and important publications available in South Africa and is fast gaining supporters abroad.

In addition to interviews, Chimurenga carries essays, fi ction and poetry on subjects ranging from literature and the social sciences to all fi elds of culture and various forms of social and political expression. The publication has featured work by emerging as well as established writers and artists, many of whom have been awarded international prizes for their work published in Chimurenga.

Chimurenga has participated in Africa Remix (2007) and Documenta 12

Chimurenga 14:

Everyone has their Indian

The latest issue of the Cape Town based cultural and literary journal, Chimurenga, features words and images on the Third World project and links, real and imagined, between Africa and South Asia.

Chimurenga 14, “Everyone Has Their Indian”, seeks to unpack the relation between Africa and South Asia. Born out of the ongoing conversation between divergent temporal registers, between different territories and bodies of thought, it can be seen both as a map of the actual lines that criss-cross the Mediterranean and Indian oceans and a log of possible journeys into a real and imagined territory called the “Third World”. Theory runs adjacent to fiction, and photo essays share the space as hand-drawn maps, post cards and fragments of itineraries. The contributions cover a wide variety of themes, ranging from security, sovereignty and sex, to mobility and music, issues of access, control and censorship, power and identity.

For example, Vivek Narayanan offers a poetic ode to Historical Anthropology, while Manu Herbstein and Achal Prabhala use a free fl ow of images, memories and realities to map hidden connections. Amitav Ghosh confesses of “xenophilia” and J.S. Saxena’s “Coffee-Brown Boy” asks “If that black

cat can be White, why can’t I?” Artworks by Rigo 23, Kakudji, Rasheed Aareen and Ernest Mancoba redraw the boundaries and limits of identity and Philippe Rekacewicz’s itineraries retraces the African connection as a question and not a destination.

Other contributors include Mahmood Mamdani, M. Neelika Jayawardane, Martin Kimani, Shailja Patel, Rustum Kozain, Akin Adesokan , Girija Tropp, Neo Muyanga, Binyavanga Wainaina, Pravasan Pillay , Andile Mngxitama , Naeem Mohaiemen , Tsuba Ka 23, Aleksandra Mir, The Speculative Archive and many more.


To order or subscribe to Chimurenga, please contact:

email: liepollo@chimurenga.co.za

· tel: +27 (0) 21 422 4168

· fax: +27 (0)21 424 1673

· Publication date: April 2009

· 240 pages Finished size: 205-290mm

· No cover, text and artwork blue

· Text in English. Chimurenga (ISSN# 1683-6162) is an initiative of the Kalakuta Trust (IT642/2003)


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