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Circles and space in time

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Galaxies orbit the universe
As planets orbit their respective stars,
Lives are lived then lost as the circle of life continues,
Within saturated hues we find comfort,
For no one knows what tomorrows brings,
Yet these circles still govern everything,
As things were,
So shall they continue to be,
The future and history masked only by man’s self inflicted complexity,
As life begins, so it ends combining two points and within the circumference we live,
Get up start again with patience, passion and persistence,
Or choose to remain within an oblivious existence,
To me there is no difference,
For the circle takes us all to the same destination,
Whatever happens after, not one on earth can explain,
A game that nobody really wins,
Lest you believe in favour, but
Then all the non believers are left without a saviour,

As the planets continue to orbit the stars,
The days get longer then shorter,
Day becomes night, then night becomes day,
From summer to winter as the seasons continue to change,
Trends become outdated then return with the same embrace creating an illusion of change,
I choose to live without restrain,
Refrain from condoning the ones who choose to fool the masses,
Live within the expanses of subconscious positivity,
Then embrace life with all it’s negativity,
Sometimes my dreams feel like prophesy so I head the light within,
Embrace darkness but never overcome for in essence it is merely a lack of light and as the Circle continues where I once was blind so I regain sight,
Continue with peace through joy and plight,
And as once again day becomes night so I move positively within the circumference of these circles which govern this life.

© thesunchild

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