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Greetings Friends,

Please note that the TICKETS for the Magazine Launch Party (on 5pm – 2am @ the 30th July – Africafe Restaurant, DTI Campus, Sunnyside, Tshwane) are AVAILABLE, herewith details:

Meal Tickets (single with a meal): R90
Normal Tickets (single without a meal): R50
Couple Tickets (with a meal): R160

—-closing date for ticket sales is 27th July—-

& R60 at the door if there is still space!

CALL 079 8090 041 or EMAIL

BUY A TICKET BEFORE 27th July, and stand a chance to WIN A PRIZE HAMPER including (Blackberry Hamper, Azania Zulu sweater, 5cent project and tshirts/stickers, multipurpose usb hub, RORA accecories, 2 Re-United Siblings anthologies, AZ earmufs, badges etc. to name a few) The winner will be selected via a raffle draw during the night of the event!




-Vangile Gantsho
-Donald Neosapien Mokgale
-Nothukela Xabisokazi Mahambehlala
-Mthunzikazi Mbungwana
-Ahimsa from ‘The Titans’


=Hip Hop=:
-Golden Shovel
-A Huge Impakt
-Tujay Harmoniquez
-Hip Hop dancers and Graffiti



=Main Acts=
-Travellin Blak
-Ohayv, with Geel on the beat!
-Hannah ‘Wildflower’ Foster

=Opening Acts=
-Natty Spice
-Flex of He and I
-Street Harmony



=Stand up comedy=:
-Tshekedi Monyemore
-Thobi Khanyile





Short biographies of the main artists are as follows:

TRAVELLIN BLAK (Eclectic Soul/Poetry Band)


he band was formed in July 2008 by Matthew [no longer member]and Zimkitha [former band members of Ginger Alibi’s]who railed in the skills of Tuelo and Khumo [former members of the band Soul Tribe]and the talents of Sivuyisiwe Hombile & Gomolemo Ramutloa [no longer members]and together, they laid the foundations which emanated in the ultimate formation of Travellin Blak. The bands dynamics grew as they performed on the communal poetry sessions, adding two percussionists [Tebogo and Bakang], a second vocalist [Dineo] and by October 2010,a bassist [Gontse Morare] & [Tebogo] converted from percussion to a drum kit. Travellin Blak, affectionately referred to as TVB by its many fans [known as Travellists]is “A train of artistic endless thought fused to the rhythm of acoustic sound.

” TVB is a band, a movement born out of the spoken word culture dominant in the capital city called Tshwane/Pretoria.This factor makes theirs a unique following, their fan-base stretching from poetry platforms such as Tut’s Street Poets Society, Medunsa’s Silent Thunders and Free Mindz. TVB has gone on to shine on platforms such as the SABC RBF Challenge in 2009 where they reached the finals. Frequenters of Grahamstown’s National Arts Festival where they performed live on SAFM, Equilibrium and were given an invitation to play at Lounge Around in 2008. They provided the music to Princess Zinzi Mhlongo’s [Director of “And the girls in their Sunday dresses” screenplay] adaptation of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis at the same festival in 2009. Their lyrics heavily resonant with prose and blues and their nu soul sound attired in hip hop beats and blues rhythms that border on the eclectic and acoustic sound.Their experimental sound playing on the familiar yet illusive landscapes of an ever changing industry. Their creative style strongly articulated in their stage performances, this band looks to make waves.

This seven piece band is comprised of:

Guitarist [Khumo Montshiwa]
Bassist [Gontse Morare]
Percussionist [Bakang Dihemo]
Drummer [Tebogo J Mosane]
Vocalists [Zimkitha Kumbaca and Dineo Komane]
Poet [Tuelo Dihemo]


Hannah Wildflower Foster

Hannah Wildflower is a formidably talented young jazz vocalist and original artist whose influences include blues, rock, soul, folk, jazz, and some sensible pop. Such is her promise that her ‘newcomer’ status has not prevented a number of high-profile appearances on SAfm, 702 talk radio, the Youth Expressions broadcast by SABC International, the 2009 Grahamstown Arts Festival, Splashy Fen 2010 and the 2009 Arts Alive festival to mention a few . She is a versatile performer who obtained a degree in Jazz performance from the Tshwane University of Technology and is able bring to life a wide variety of musical genres. This has allowed her to perform at events such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony at Soccer City. She also featured in the Disney production of “My Camp Rock” where she performed songs from the hit Disney film “Camp Rock 2” and has worked alongside artists such as HHP, Jesse Clegg, Loyiso, Lira and Judith Sepuma.

OHAYV with GEEL ON THE BEAT (Truth Hip Hop)

Ohayv and Geel

Ohayv started writin in mid-1998 @high skool.nothing much was happenin around his neighbourhood Motherwell, PE.he performed his music at school shows and talent searches that took place.In 2003 he co-founded a Hip hop crew called “Khululekani”, a lyrical trio that changed PE hip hop scene and influenced a large number of rappers into Vernacular (xhosa) style of a trio they embraced stages around the Eastern cape and blessin radio airwaves with their self-titled EP.Later realizin he has a vocal ability to singa and rap, he found himself coz-founding a soul live band called “usiba noncwadi.the year being 2005 they practized and went out to gigs and show in 2006, the band was a 4piece band-they shared stages with South africa greats in music I.e.ringo.vusi mahlasela,kelly khumalo,gloria bosman,Don laka, jamali. To menrion but a few.

Ohayv is a versitile musician, able to play a little bit of piano, he can soothingly sing his way audinces’ hearts and he is wonderfully creative in rappin.

Under his name is an EP called “a simple writings” which he independently released in march 2010, and as a soloist, he has shared stages with the likes of prokid,proverb and Big Nuzz..after touring extensively from PE to cape Town, Pe to PTa and whole of eastern cape, he has gathered enough knowledge and set direction for his next project “somethin I love LP” which is due for release end of june2011.

He is an experience performer, from using backing tacks to performing with a live band, he has mastered the art of being a live performer.

He is the Future for South African Hiphop/Soul music!!!

Vangile Gantsho (poetry)

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember but only began performing seriously in 2005.  I consider myself incredibly blessed to have gotten my first real break performing at Rhyme Alive at the Moonbox Theatre in Pretoria (2005), where I shared a stage with the likes of Lebo Mashile and Fifi.  From there, I went on to do shows such as the Jozi Spoken Word Festival (both 2007 and 2008), Poetry Delight and guest appearances on Creations (SABC 2), Yfm (2007), Youth Expressions (SABC International) and SA Fm (2009).  As a political student, I was also drawn to and lucky enough to be embraced by platforms such the Amnesty International Debate on Capital Punishment (2005); an event at which the Rwandese ambassador was the guest of honor.  In 2005, I co-founded The Jamm Sessions at the University of Pretoria, which in turn lead to Revolutionary Words, and later evolved into The Writers’ Forum:  a platform on which young, unknown artists can share their various art forms.  In 2009, I was blessed enough to see my brainchild, When the Kats Cum Out to Play, come to life.  With performances by incredible artists such as Myesha Jenkins and Nomsa Mazwai, this intimate conversation with women through poetry and music was definitely what I would consider the most fulfilling poetic platform yet.  Earlier this year I was a part of I Miss You Today – a poetry, music and theatre production which ran during the Wits O-week programme.  In the past, I have also had my work featured on The Agenda and most recently Sabel, along with having been chosen as one of the Next Wave of Poetry sistas of Love Life Uncut.  I recently had the privilage of having Dr Don Mattera take me under his wing and have since organised a workshop called Conversations With Yesterday, where he agreed to sit down with a handful of young poets and discuss the chjallenges faced by young writers of today.  At present, I am in the process of completing my poetry anthology, which Dr Don Mattera is editing, and am a columnist for the Emancipate page on – IT’S A LIFESTYLE.

Tshekedi Monyemore (comdey)

“Possessing the zest and energy of a “toi-toi”, Tshekedi Monyemore pulls an audiences’ attention with effortless swag.”

Itumeleng Mohulatsi – Tshwane fm Marketing Manager SABC 2’s Living Land presenter and diverse entertainer, Tshekedi Monyemore, has a number of talents which include stand up comedy and stage acting, to radio and public speaking – through the Toast Masters course. With his talent and acquired experience, he has made himself an all-round performer and entertainer.
Through his first love, stand up comedy, Tshekedi Monyemore has established his brand; with a growing following in the Pretoria and Tshwane area. From performances in restaurants and clubs in Hatfield and Wanderpark to the Breytenbach and Moonbox Theatres in Sunnyside, he has honed his skill.

Mthunzikazi Mbungwana (Poetess)

Mthunzikazi Mbungwana otherwise known as “Nolali the Village girl” is a writer and a poet from a small village town of Cala, in the Transkei (Eastern Cape).  Her inspiration is fueled by cultural activism and a need for betterment of livelihoods of the forgotten few and the marginalized. She believes that education is a vital tool towards development and fruitful empowerment of our nation.

Jonathan “Tujay Harmoniquez” Groenewald

Is a 1983 born lyricist who was raised on the platinum streets of Rustenburg where he has latus as a pioneer of the area’s intellectual hip-hop.  He was one of the ingenious members of the group P.O.T (power of the Taurus) that laid down the paving for the hip hop hopefuls who were to follow in their footsteps. Leading by example, P.O.T pushed the limits of substance-filled hip hop while still getting respect from the commercial crowds and insane amounts of air-play on radio Mafisa, a local Rustenburg radio station. In a nutshell, Jay is an artist immensely skilled in lyricism that promotes the truth, he brings in levels of maturity and growth hardly ever witnessed. Tujay Harmoniquez has a recognizable voice with identifiable style, being one up on his competition so it’s very hard to miss him in a track. Besides being an avid hip-hop head, he’s also an activist for muscular dystrophy (a syndrome he is living with) and a promoter for youth development especially in colored communities which he feels particularly strong about.

Thobi Khanyile (comdey)

THOBI is contemporary stand up comedian, and performs political, religious and human characteristic material, he loves to act on stage and he kills sets and does not provide remedy, of resurrection. “I put back comedy to the name when I stand up”

He is different and watches where people do not watch, he is weird. He is the energy behind the energy, he is addictive, he has a big ego and believes in himself so much… He started comedy, by doing a show at South gate mall, in the days of horror café. He did his first real show @ horror café and has done shows around the city ever since.

He has headlined club comedy shows he has performed with the who’s who’s in the zoo of comedy. He has done sample shows in Durban and left mouths open, in amazement he is observant and has a funny thought to everything. His eyes tell another Joke.

He has done the Soweto comedy festival , more of parkers in 2011 and he is looking to go greater.

He ihas shot a couple of films including David kau and was voted one of the best directors.


For the love of Afrikan History and The Arts…

“it’s a lifestyle”

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