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Celimpilo is teacher by profession, University of Johannesburg graduate. He is currently studying BA Honors in African Languages. He is an advocate of African languages and he encourages the use of African languages . Very historically and politically aware.


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You will notice that life is no delusion
Once you escape your hypnotic intelligence.
With in-depth and comprehensive attention,
You will realize that its only elegance of the Almighty.
Like the grace of ballerina conveying prayer of thanks.

You will notice that life is no delusion
Once you begin to journey with the delightful.
Laugh and drink chai with your plebian and your class men.
Snooze under the cold shade of Tajmal.
Resume your gossip with your main man.

You will notice that life is no delusion
Once you sing songs of thanksgiving within.
Long walks barefooted under the sun,
Ahhh, like a bambino in the dunes of the lagoon.
Blistering under the sky of this divine cosmos.

Make love to lady friend and mademoiselle
Allow birds to remember your craftsmanship.
Dance to your revolutionary songs with homeboys.
Gobble-down vino and plonk till dawn.
Like a wine merchant walking to nowhere.

Grab the bull by the horns.
Chest-out and chin-up.
Wipe your tears, everyone is a prisoner of something.
Confusion in you and around you is temporally.
Take no pressure from anything and anyone.
Don’t anticipate for too long.
Only then you will realize that life is no delusion
Everyone is here for a purpose.

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