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Firstly, let me start by showering you with my warm greetings and congratulate you for seeing yet another brand new 200’n great, thanks for keeping us updated and for that, forward with the Black Power and more Power to every south African pursuing live hood in this territory, South Africa is great, let’s get free, Harambe. Secondly, unbecoming behaviors like the one that just took place in North West recently, to me it shows that South Africa is not yet free, racial discrimination is still raging within our society and that conduct i assume is not really acceptable, and should therefore be reprimanded with a high sensitivity, we don’t want to see yet another North West vs Swaarteraggens uprising, i believe Soweto uprising was the only beginning of the end, what else more does black people know about liberation if we still have people like Andre Nel in our society, that is totally confusing.

Oh, the big one Madala, Zuma’s victory over festive season, surely many Women’s structures were not totally pleased about the decision, but after all, we are living in a democratic society, therefore, forward with freedom of movement and political participation, thanks to the ruling party, it made such a good decision because they have chosen their preferred candidate, "Aluda Continua" until the next millennium. Come 3000 millennium, my grandmother will contest for presidential sit, and i am going to make sure that she wins.

So Glenn Agliotti is finally free and somebody is in trouble. Surely everyone knows that Commissioner Selebi is the big cop in the country, and his role in the Interpol. So the burning question is, Did you had a good timing big cop? We will see, only time will tell, and oh, thanks T-Man did not accept the present from the mastermind himself (shoes for Christmas). However, during the conference, he, the big cop made a statement while in my hood (Limpopo) to say, if the NPA has got a valid evidence and strong case against me, then i don’t see a reason why they should not prove that in the court of law, however, the big cop came forth to apply for an interdict to prevent the NPA from proceeding with the matter, thanks cop, you really don’t know what you are doing. If he is sure that he has not done anything wrong, why the court interdict, Are you scared cop? He is down, but not yet out, i can’t wait for the drama to start. Thanks he deceived our justice system and has left it with a big bad reputation, hope Sun-City is not going to be a home for you. Still on Msholozi, i for one was just celebrating his victory over festive, but soon that was shattered when i head that Fikile Mabalula’s friend is going to face the corruption charges, hence the ‘Generally Corrupt statement" made by Shabir Shaik’s enemy. Words of wisdom for Msholozi, "You are soon to be the first Zulu president of the state, why don’t you step aside and deal with your corruption charges, once done, come back to the government, because once found guilty of the charges, you are definitely going to dent the image of this country", we don’t want the second Charles Taylor in Africa, gone are those days. One more thing,
thanks to COSATU for boycotting the services of Willie Madisha.

I have got a message for him, (Willie), homey, just hold on there, your turn will come, don’t retaliate yet, it was never for you. However thanks for pushing bra Vavi to clarify the whole South Africa about the conspiracy regarding women, he made an insulting statement and he came forth to apologize, "For a women to have power in government, she must pass through a man’s bedroom", that is not the case Bra Vavi with professionals and educated people, you are advised to be kind and complete your matriculation before you can make such allegations, that is not how we function, but then if that is how you operate, you are in a complete darkness my friend. As for Bulelani Ncguka, i have got no comment, the only thing that i can say, Big Cop is being charged as per your recommendation, but why is Bridged Mabanlda not prepared to give back your position? I am of the suspicion that you must be knowing something about her office of which public will be interested on, so if that is the reason why she is shutting you out, then thanks to T-Man for alleging that you are not co-operative, but food for thoughts though, "Nobody is indispensable".

Tantamount to that, T-Man has been maintaining that, if anyone has got solid evidence as to why the Big Cop be prosecuted, then why is he only letting justice to take its course now, whereas all this time he was not comfortable with that context. Thanks for contradicting your self T-Man, you really know how to position yourself, Ncguka must assume his duties, and for your information, he is only advocating the law, he never pushed your Cop to play a dangerous game, he is only doing what is good for the country, interpol and the society at large, and most of all, he is just dispensing a simple justice system. On conclusion, from a distance, one can see that there is a huge ethnic fight within our leaders, but what is wrong with our beautiful sisters who don’t know anything about politics to come forward and make illegitimate comments about the manner in which our politics should be ran and administered. Recently there was a girl from one of our day to day soapies on the papers making and allegations that, the ANC Leadership has executed the IFP parliamentarians and leaders. You see, blacks are way-too-forward, if i don’t know anything about politics, why can’t i get bored at home or otherwise follow my talent of making soapies that will entertain South Africa, instead of making unfounded allegations about something which i don’t even know about. Khetiwe, you are very talented on TV, move away from politics, that’s is not way to go about when you need public recognition, keep us entertained, the rest will be taken care off, and you must keep quite about politics, apparently it is not a thin for you.

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