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Dabaluthethwa Tfwala

I am a visual artist and poet. My most recent highligt of my career being one of my poems winning an acollade in the amazwi ethu creative writing competition sponsored by kaya fm, heart fm, scoobs and penguin books, on the 19th of  July.


Noord Taxi Rank Dynamics

This place is buzzing like bees
Most of these – people are seemingly home bound
Perplexed and petrified. I feel lost, I neet to be found
Hawkers selling their wares
A preacher is preaching but no-one seemingly cares
So many queues, so intertwined and very long
As I’am pondering on which queue to join. suddenly the preacher breaks into song!
To myself i think, “Joburg is bursting with activity”
“Joburg, like i heard so, is really a big city”

Clutching My Bags

Amongst these people, I’am feeling inferior. My Clothes are tattered and rags
As I move to ask for the right taxi from a marshal that so looks like Uncle Harry
I’am stopped by a lean and smart lad who wants to sell me a blackberry
he claims he lost his wallet and needs money for transport
I consider myself lucky for I’am to own a smart phone from today henceforth
This man must have observed that I’am cool and wise?
R300, a paltry R300 is the price
Prior to paying, I ask him to test it
He concurs. I’am overwhelmed lest it
(Does not switch on)

He retrieves it to remove his Sim card
Anxiety taking it’s toll. I’am on guard
Deal sealed, i proceed to ask for a taxi to Tembisa
A Uncle Harry look alike snorts and says “Waze wangihlekisa”
‘As big as Tembisa is, which section are you going to?”
After gazing at the address on paper, I reckon Mthambeka is where I’am headed to.

Very new this quantum is, I’am so comfortable on the seats
It is dusk, it is lights everywhere. I have but to marvel at Joburg’s glitz
I alight the taxi, i have no problem in locating my uncle’s house
In the big city, I’am amazed when i see a mouse
Once settled, I gladly show everyone my burgain buy
But wait a second – ohhh, oh my!!
I have heard that life is fast in joburg and the food is g.m.o
This blackberry will not switch on!! i bought a demo
Between laughs uncle says “nephew! Life here is not a throw-back”
“But – don’t ever think of going back”
“Uhmm – Uhmm – welcome to Joburg!”

– End –

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