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Dave Reynolds – Artist interview

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Dave Reynolds - the light of day

Dave Reynolds – the light of day

 Q: I hear you, the digital platform does allow one to reach an extended audience and at the same can meander and get caught up in everyday rhetoric. So tell me,  where does the record company fit in all of this? because the artist can both market and distribute his/her own sound through their laptop. What’s their role and how relevant are they..?

A: ha ha record companies are history! they are from another age where broadcast media (tv, radio and newspapers) were necessary. that’s gone, and good riddance in SA because they hardly ever supported anything south african. i compose, produce, record, market and distribute this music. it’s better this way !

Q:Im a huge fan of live performances I feel it gives the music a different perspective and it’s personal, also the musician gets too see and respond to their audience. What makes your live performances different to other contemporary Jazz musicians? and how do you stay on top of that game?

A: well, i play steelpans which is very unusual, and nylon string acoustic guitar (also less common than electric). the musicians i perform and record with are also one-of-a-kinders, guys like pops mohamed, who plays kora (african harp) or louis mhlanga (guitarist extraordinaire from zim).

Q Your lastest offering is called “The Light of Day”  tell us about the sound? Wat inspired the it and who did you work with?

A: well, i find it hard to talk about the sound – it’s who i am – the other day someone called it “acoustic masala”. if you’re into jazz then there’s improvisation, for sure, but the emotional landscape is very different – a journey filled with folk-inspored melodies, african roots elements and ambient, meditational moments.

Q Lastly where can we catch you perform in 2014?

A: winnies restaurant in sandton on the 25th july, for the folks in mpumalanga, there’s the nokeng festival on the 26th july and in limpopo there’s minas art cafe on sunday 27th july … these three with pops mohamed and fana zulu (hugh masekela’s bass player).

Here’s a few of my tracks for free downloads:

For “Winter Sun”, click here.

For “Where the Sky Touches”, click here.

For “Breakfast Goema”, click here.

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