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Dedication to My Ex

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Dedication to My Ex

by Olebogeng Ramerafe

As i go through our break up with a heavy and aching heart i am expected to be a “bitter bitch” with something bad to say about you but all i can do is share a smile and focus on the good instead. Wow, taking a deep breath and not believing that i would grow to this point in my life where my anger is not that of hate but instead of having ruined what i would call a perfect friendship. We started off as friends only to follow our hearts to something that had no guarantee, can i please take back the hands of time.

I can’t hate on you maybe it’s because i still purely love you, so instead let me continue my life with these words “continue loving me, don’t stop”. Loving you was out of this world, never knew how hard i fell till it just ended. As i had to adjust I’m grateful to my mom who hopelessly still thinks you’re the “one” and my friends who said i deserve better while wiping my tears. I know they right but sad how the tears i still shed are misunderstood, i don’t weep due to us never working out or the good loving you gave me but more importantly to the friend I’m losing. What a great experience of love. I grew to know the true experience of being loved, how to express love and how to make love. The comfort i had with you wasn’t one of a negative impact but one that showed that being stupid around you is the true awakening of a heart that beats with pure love for another.  I’m smiling and crying writing this, for you will never know how your smile or the mere sound of your voice enlightened my life, you were never the center of my life but a compliment, how divine, i am sorry i just loved you the way i did and thinking you might be the one. Nevertheless it was a pleasure to have shared such with you “bitso”.

I hope you live life with pure joy and happiness for one who can inflict such on another is destined for greater things, let me be able to let you go for you are not for me. Our time was supposed to be short have to make peace with that but grateful that we had ours. Till we meet again in another life time but for now I’ll continue being the “one who got away”.

Pure love still lives!

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