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My acquiring of knowledge about the HIV/AIDS fraud started around 2007, when as 17 year-old Grade 11 learner I was fed up with the irrelevant, outdated and incompetent information I was being fed at school as part of the curriculum, and decided I was not going to bother myself anymore trying to be the voice of reason in advocating for improved quality in our curriculum content as it was causing a lot of antagonism with my so-called teachers. So I decided I would let them be, together with their parrots – most of the students, while I independently pursued worthy information that helped grow my intellectual capacity even further. In that information consuming frenzy I came across internet forums like Virus Myth ( on AIDS dissidence, as it had come to be known, which led me to the work of the chairman of the Treatment Information Group (TIG) Anthony Brink, who is also an Advocate in Pietermaritzburg. His book, Debating AZT (published in the year 2000), opened a can of worms for me and also introduced me to another book by Peter Duesberg, Professor of Cell Biology at University of California, Berkeley, titled: Inventing the AIDS virus (Published 1996). I read those two books and carried out research into a whole lot of other material and what came out was a staunch dissident; and the as they say, the rest is history…

Fast Forward to 2014 and after all sorts of activism and teaching on Facebook, public lectures, information dispensing via the internet, countless books and articles, 99.9% of the population still believe that HIV causes AIDS by some thumb sucked process that fails to meet criteria of established pathogenesis in Medical Science (I mean the AIDS story has come and turned medical science on its head and bastardised every rule and law already conventional in virology upside down and inside for its inventive hogwash to be manoeuvred by media hype and pharmaceutical lies into becoming accepted as legitimate) because they are too lazy to question anything and instead gulp in everything that is brought to them by mainstream media and the farce we call the education system. It is a real dismay that my peers at school were not just an isolated mishap, but rather were a microcosm of the whole world – a near 7 billion strong flock of parrots bar that 0.1% that dares to question and research harder to verify so-called facts for themselves. But we can’t throw the towel in just as yet, we will continue challenging power until enough people gain the necessary awareness about this.

Medicine in the western world is perhaps the first cousin of religion, if not a twin sibling, as it has for the better part of its history nothing but quackery. It has been all about what is popular and the most sponsored view rather than rigorous scientific study. Prior to Louis Pasteur, Europe believed that diseases were caused by bad air called a miasma. This miasma was believed to originate from decomposing organic material, and diseases such as cholera and the bubonic plague, fondly termed Black Death, were said to be brought about by these miasmas; in fact, the term malaria literally means “bad air”. Enter Pasteur in the latter half of the 19th century and he proposes the germ theory, he then starts another dogmatic religious-like frenzy. Every disease was now caused by these germs: if you had a headache, a germ was responsible, pain under your foot, it was some germ. Then it came to the age of psychiatry and all sorts of supposed mental disorders people were crucified with. Also, who can forget Eugenics? The pseudo-science that as late as 1940s was still published in reputable journals pushing propaganda about genetic supremacy of one race over another. The very quack science that justified slavery and colonialism by narrating that blacks, or people of African descent, were not fully fledged humans and thus it was not abominable to enslave them; according to Eugenics, blacks were ontologically less intelligent than whites in all respects.

The “HIV causes AIDS” story is a remnant from those days of the germ theory frenzy, only this time it is a deliberately orchestrated thing that benefits those in the top echelons of power who are pursuing certain agendas with it. Let us quickly deal with this problem so that people can go out to do further research for themselves with the guidelines we will deal with herein.


AIDS was first identified in 1981 in gay communities in the US when some members of these communities showed up with supposed symptoms of Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (PCP) and later a number of these homosexual men came up with Kaposi’s Sarcoma, a type of cancer; and without any rigorous investigation, it was assumed that this was a pathogen induced thing and it was quickly termed as Gay Related Immuno-Deficiency (GRID). In 1982 it was officially named AIDS (by now even 10 year-olds know about this acronym and the lies surrounding it because of the sadistic farce we called the education system in this country that is employed by the elite to ruin the minds of our children and bent them towards their mental slavery) and in April 1984 Robert Gallo sat in an international press conference in Washington DC to announce to the world the “AIDS virus”. In just 3 short years, a disease had been identified, and Gallo supposedly had gone through all possible causes in infectious and non-infectious agents and had found a pathogen without the review of the scientific community. He called this new “AIDS virus” of his the Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus (HTLV-1); the name Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) only in 1987 after a settling of a dispute between the French and US governments in a lawsuit about the intellectual property of the virus.

The most important point I have made above is that Gallo’s virus that causes AIDS had not been reviewed or published about in any scientific journal by the scientific community of Virology and Microbiology. He simply went to a press conference and boom, we had something somewhat drawing parallel to the Spanish Inquisition going on in the media, untested facts were treated as gospel (I did mention that medicine is religion’s first cousin); all scientific processes of peer reviewing and publishing of papers supporting the postulate were simply bypassed. Today, I dare you to find the person who first published the paper that showed unquestionably that HIV causes AIDS and the journal this paper was published in. There are better chances of you locating alien civilisations because the original papers showing conclusively that HIV causes AIDS simply do not exist. I mean it would have been novel knowledge, identifying this root cause of what is the Black Death of our times should have warranted the Author/s of this paper or series of papers, stamping the fact that HIV causes AIDS into solid scientific knowledge, Nobel prizes for their breakthrough discovery. Seemingly however, these papers are not referenced anywhere, nothing; in all the hundreds of thousands of papers that have since been authored on the subject of HIV/AIDS, not even one can point you to the paper that shows how HIV causes AIDS. This is unheard of in science, for a gigantic discovery to just go off the radar when the person who authored this was supposed to be on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Being an academic in Astrophysics, I know the importance of references and I can assure you that we can find papers as old as Einstein’s Special Relativity papers of 1905 if needs be for bibliographic purposes. So there is no reason why a paper authored in the 1980s should be off the radar.

As I have already mentioned, these fundamental papers are untraceable simply because they don’t exist. People like Dr Kerry B. Mullis (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1993) have been looking for them since 1987 and even asked Luc Montagnier, Robert Gallo’s French partner, about them to no avail. So we are here today and everywhere in Africa our state Health agencies are fighting an unproven thing, billions of dollars are thrown into something we can’t even draw concrete scientific evidence to. It is pathogenesis done by media, with all sorts of rubbish about a pathogen that doesn’t cause a specific disease but supposedly allows other pathogens to cause disease in the same host; preposterous logic unheard of in virology. This is what the HIV causes AIDS logic says in nutshell:

Kaposi’s sarcoma + HIV-antibody = AIDS

Kaposi’s sarcoma – HIV-antibody = Kaposi’s sarcoma

Tuberculosis + HIV-antibody = AIDS

Tuberculosis – HIV-antibody = Tuberculosis

Dementia + HIV-antibody = AIDS

Dementia – HIV-antibody = Dementia

Pneumonia + HIV-antibody = AIDS

Pneumonia – HIV-antibody = Pneumonia

Why we say antibody is because that is exactly what you are tested for to be diagnosed as HIV positive. The rapid test is a buffer solution that supposedly detects antibodies that are released by the immune system to combat the virus which become present in the blood. The problem however is that HIV is non-detectable in human blood; every viral disease leaves free viruses called VIRIONS to be detected in their hundreds of thousands to millions per millilitre of blood, but HIV just cannot be found. Instead these antibodies, which are said to be from the body’s immune-cells combating the virus, are the only “evidence”. This is hogwash for the mere fact that when you detect antibodies to a pathogen but fail to detect a pathogen only one probability exists, the antibodies controlled and flushed out the intrusive microbe. Unfortunately however, because of this faux pas, millions of people with previous viral infections like hepatitis, herpes, polio and even strains of influenza usually get misdiagnosed by these rapid tests and branded HIV positive.

You are probably thinking that there are laboratory tests that do a better verification because they go into the thorough checking of the blood sample; well guess what, it is just another botched exercise too. The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is the primary way that has been used to detect HIV in blood since well it is impossible to get these free viruses floating around in the host’s blood sample. The PCR is a technology that amplifies even the tiniest amounts of any specific DNA sequence, creating enough copies of the desired sequence for detection and analysis. So with the HIV, the blood sample would be checked for traces of reverse transcriptase and other DNA sequences that are said to be unique to retroviruses in the group HIV belongs to. Sadly the very inventor of PCR (He won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for it in 1993), UC Berkeley Professor Kary Mullis refutes his invention being used to dupe people into the belief that AIDS is caused by HIV.

Retrovirology itself is beginning to raise a lot of questions within biochemistry/microbiology circles. The idea of a virus that can integrate itself into the very DNA of the host cell originates with failed cancer research, because tumours are seen to be mutations in normal cell DNA it was plausible to virus hunters that viruses that cause cancer had to be integrated into host cell DNA. Robert Gallo is from this research, in fact before Luc Montagnier sent Gallo his LAV culture as history says, Gallo was pushing a virus he was certain a few years earlier had to be the cause of leukaemia (HTLV-1) to be the one responsible for AIDS until he realised a contradiction – leukaemia is an over-production of white blood cells, and the Virus causing AIDS would have to be killing white blood cells, not producing them in abundance. So there you have it, a disease that defies logic. Like I illustrated above, if you got a horrible wound and it began to be septic and the septicity spilled into the blood, it would be obvious septicaemia; but if during the routine hospital tests “HIV” is detected, then septicaemia becomes AIDS. If the above scenario is true with cervical dysplasia, the label sticks. Sadly this is true for all diseases out there, infectious and non-infectious; AIDS jut gets credit for them by mere presence of antibodies that can’t even be curtained to surely belong to the body’s immune system combating HIV.

The truth is AIDS is now the bread and butter of many people, from the NGO people running around in green clothes delivering ARVs for a stipend, to Pharmaceutical company execs that make billions and trillions from this staged, fabricated pandemic. We are held at ransom by the biggest propaganda known in the history of man. On an issue of Nature from 20 April 1989, an article states:

It will surely lead to a scientifically healthier society if the burden of proof for HIV as a deadly pathogen is returned to where it belongs — to those who maintain that HIV causes AIDS — and others are allowed to pursue alternative approaches in the battle for eradication of the disease.”

And our problem lays right there, everyone who questions this HIV causes AIDS analogy is placed with the burden of proof, but it is not dogmatic that HIV causes AIDS so people who are advocating for should have been the ones showing us scientifically how exactly this supposed virus of theirs causes a syndrome called AIDS, encompassing over 50 different diseases. But guess what, when you ask the questions, the burden of proof is placed on you against hogwash that is founded on nothing. Where are the Nobel Prizes for people who discovered AIDS or did significant work in linking the HI Virus to AIDS? No one has been awarded anything because of the very reason that there is nothing to award.


You see, I mention above that Western Medicine is the first cousin of religion, as it is littered with herd mentality absurdities in its history. Modern western medicine is a cartel controlled by pharmaceutical companies who come together under bogus establishments like the American Medical Association. Any form of medicine not regulated by them is termed quackery, like homeopathy and other alternative medicines.  They have in the past suppressed many medical breakthroughs when they threatened their cash cow diseases, and the story of Raymond Royal Rife comes to mind. Anyone who has ever had loved ones die from cancer has Morris Fishbein and his cronies of the 1930s at the AMA.

The relatively unknown SMON fiasco of the mid-20th century in Japan is on a smaller scale much like AIDS. For fifteen years the syndrome was mismanaged by the Japanese science establishment, where virtually all research efforts were controlled by virus hunters. Ignoring strong evidence to the contrary, researchers continued to assume the syndrome was contagious and searched for one virus after another. Year after year the epidemic grew, despite public health measures to prevent the spread of an infectious agent. And in the end, medical doctors were forced to admit that their treatment had actually caused SMON in the first place. Once the truth about SMON could no longer be ignored, the episode dissolved into lawsuits for the thousands of remaining victims. This story has remained untold outside of Japan, ignored as being too embarrassing for the medical world. Read more about SMON.

Bottom line is that people are scared of contagious diseases, so every time the medical cartels want to give you a fright and get you to give them free reign as “experts”, they send you a fabricated epidemic. Swine flu was an example in 2009, and Ebola is now happening. Exaggerated figures, backed by media propaganda gets you shivering and you sure don’t want to get this contagious disease sending you to an early grave so you listen to the “medical experts”. Swine Flu and Ebola are both recurring epidemic scares, and even the previous times they came it was all unfounded epidemic hunting scare which rolled out millions and billions for vaccinations and all other rubbish (vaccines can actually kill you, that is how they create a pool of sick people – injecting them with a disease)


This is a typical question I find people having because they believe they have seen people with the described symptoms of AIDS. The answer is simple – ARVs. ARVs are made from some of the most toxic substances known to man. AZT, the first ARV drug that was made available to South Africa by GlaxoSmithKline, a British pharmaceutical company, is lethal on another level. AZT has no retroviral inhibiting properties; it kills every living cell it contacts. This is true for all other ARVs, your nevirapine, Emitricitabine, tenofovir, Tipranavir, Ritonavir, Delavirdine and all other poisonous chemicals put in so called Anti-retrovirals have but one pharcological action – killing cells. It is no mistake that AIDS was “discovered” in gay communities, for they were in those times known for the high amounts of hazardous drugs they consumed like ecstasy, mandrax, LCD, heroin, and crack. Popular was a drug called Poppers, a nitrite composed drug that supposedly made it easier or more pleasurable (something along those lines) to have anal sex, and for a person to take such a bashing from all these substances it is not far-fetched that one’s body would deteriorate on them You only have to look at nyaope consumers to see what drugs can do to a human body taken rigorously, and that is exactly what AZT and other ARVs is all about: Taking high doses of drugs rigorously. CD4/CD8 count is the amounts of white blood cell levels present in let us say every pint of blood. Low means decreasing immunity, but low immunity has nothing to do with AIDS. Like those first isolated victims in 1981, drugs decrease immunity. Another major contributor is the psychological part of it; being told you are dying with no cure can just kill you. Before AZT comes, your body will just be fulfilling prophesy by the doctors.

For people who are critical of the petrol drinkers and grass eaters of Rabonni ministries in Pretoria, you sure as hell are eating grass fodder from the pharmaceutical world when buying into the AIDS story, and taking ARVs is the proverbial parallel of drinking petrol on a grand scale. Scrap grand, the scale is biblical because the number of people drinking ARVs shoots up exponentially. People who feed themselves poison willingly because some man in a white coat told you so. Doctors know as much about virology as you the layman, next time you go to your GP you can test that analogy. Doctors are the delivery boys of Big Pharma; they have handbooks on what to prescribe for you when you are diagnosed with something but they don’t know exactly how it inhibits pain for instance pharmacologically or how a certain microbe is killed by an antibiotic. Biochemists and Microbiologists study the pathogens and chemicals that are to be used as medicines, and then doctors get the list of end products they can prescribe for you as available from the dispensary. The “doctors say this and that” story can’t work anymore, information is fully available to study things and know them yourself.


“We have seen colonisation, we have seen imperialism, we have seen apartheid… and all of them used against us as a people. [Africans have] won their liberation and now they are fighting another war and they are being psychologically terrorised once more because people want to sell [ARV drugs] and make profits. And there is no benefit in those products. The only thing that can really happen is that once you touch the antiretrovirals you can go one way.” – Peter Mokaba MP, the Star, 4 April 2002.

Peter sums it up perfectly here. This is all about exploiting Africa and making huge profits. Through the World health Organisation, another one of the cartels that are watched over by the UN (itself a grand cartel), governments in Africa are forced to fork out billions of dollars to get these supposedly sick people ARVs to help them, because this medicine is very expensive. Africa has become an over-night cash cow because of AIDS and ARVs, and we are buying our own death potions like those unsuspecting congregants of Rabonni, who are convinced consuming unleaded 95 Octane gasoline will surely fuel them to some awaiting miracle.

Eugenics – the pseudo-science of racial bigotry intertwined with neo-colonialism in this case also comes into play. Remember that AIDS was first “discovered” in gay communities, white gay communities. When the scare of this pandemic that would wipe us out like Black Death heightened, people became very homophobic and were ready to exterminate the human beings who brought upon humanity this killer pandemic with their sordid deeds; and so to salvage the homosexuals another scapegoat for AIDS had to be found – you guessed it! Like Fanon aptly puts, the black man is the wretched of the earth in the world of white supremacist constructs and every negative thing must be dumped on him; AIDS was no different, in 1986/7 a paper came up mentioning Simian Immuno-deficiency Virus (SIV), a retrovirus supposedly infecting apes in West Africa and apparently weakening their immune system and causing symptoms manifesting themselves with stark similarity to human AIDS (this so-called ape AIDS came to be known as SAIDS – the S standing for Simian). Immediately the establishment took this completely different thing and turned it on its head to suit their agenda. From now on SIV was the origins of HIV; as the story goes, a man hunting bush meat was infected with SIV and it mutated to AIDS in the Human body, it started spreading to people immediate to him and all that. With this stroke of genius, gays in America were absolved of any wrong doing and the epicentre of the world’s biggest health problem was the usual suspect – Africa. It was also shrewd tactic for WHO to say that there are more people infected by this disease in Africa, whereas it was just those handful of gays and a few other people in the Western world. This means relief had to go to Africa, take the fight to the heart of the disease. A perfect way to get drug companies to manufacture their poisonous ARVs and sell them to African governments by force, when Thabo Mbeki and Manto Tshabalala-Msimang resisted based on proper advice by dissenting advocates like Anthony Brink and some leading scientists, hounds like Zachie Achmat and the TAC were paid by pharmaceutical cartels and sent to push propaganda, and the media had a field day with their bias (South African media is part of the O’Reilly empire anyway). We are also given a decoy to deal with in the form of a staged pandemic so we would not have the time to discuss revolts against neo-colonialism. Our colonisers know very well that while we are scared about dying from a contagious disease and debating ARVs, their economic looting of the continent continues unhindered for we don’t even have the time noticing it while we are busy trying to manage these manufactured crises. For them it is about the bottom line – huge profits! They make the profits killing black people through ARVs and even looting our resources.

The whole medical establishment is about profits, if you don’t have money you don’t have healthcare – simple as that. Try visiting your doctor’s room without money and see, if you don’t have a medical aid you are stuffed, and for a country where 51% of the population can’t afford R20 worth of life a day, you must just imagine how many people don’t get proper healthcare. Mediclinic, Life, Netcare; those places were not created for poor black people (and that is the bulk majority of blacks); neither did they have them in mind. You blacks must just rot in long queues where there is no medical equipment as basic as IV needles and oxygen tanks, or even caring health officials (not that they care about you in private hospitals, they care about your money and their reputation; and since you don’t pay in public facilities they have no reason to care about you). To hospitals where you go in for a headache and come out with your foot amputated. What makes you think now that they suddenly care for you regarding AIDS? Wake up my people, your reality is far tougher than you can ever imagine. You are but seeing the tip of an iceberg, there are more embedded problems underneath what meets the eye, all institutionalised into the DNA of every socio-economic sector. We will have to exorcise ourselves from all the lies and deception, starting with the deception that Mandela is the saviour of blacks. Educate yourselves brethren.

I am Yamkela Fortune Spengane, just another denialist. I deny the lies of the pharmaceutical establishment that HIV causes AIDS and it is infectious. I deny allowing my people be duped and killed with poisonous chemicals in what is biological warfare really. So yes, I am an AIDS denialist.

08 December 2014

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