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Born out of a desperate need to once again scream black power from the disappointment that of the 1994 liberation project, the BlackHouse Kollective initiative calls upon all Black thinkers and prophets alike, to gather and recomplete the state of the Black Nation.

Dr Motsoko Pheko – November 13, 1930-April 19, 2024

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Former PAC president Motsoko Pheko. Photo: Supplied

Azanian Revolutionary, Legal Scholer & Philosopher, Author, Historian, Leader, Pan Afrikanist, Internationalist, Husband, Father & Grandfather.

To All Media Houses
22 April 2024

A Word of Gratitude from the Pheko Family

The family of Dr. Motsoko Pheko, who passed on 19 April 2024, wishes to express gratitude for the outpouring of love and support from South Africans at large and compatriots globally.

Understanding the need for details regarding memorial and funeral arrangements, our family, struggling to plan while in grief, Ms. Zandi Radebe and Professor Simphiwe Sesanti are the responsible spokespersons for the family. Both Ms. Radebe and Prof. Sesanti are longstanding friends of the family who have demonstrated a profound interest in Dr. Pheko’s scholarly endeavors, alongside other members of the academic community.

We humbly request that all enquiries regarding arrangements to celebrate the life of our beloved father be directed to Comrades Zandi and Simphiwe as they are in daily communication with us.

Contact details:
Zandi Radebe – +27(0)65 984 5827
Email: zandiradebe@gmail.com
Simphiwe Sesanti – +27(0)83 394 3211
Email: ssesanti@uwc.ac.za

Official spokespersons for the Pheko family
M’Afrika Zandi Radebe & Professor Simphiwe Sesanti

Zandi Radebe Black Consciousness Pan Afrikanist activist and decolonial scholar, who teaches Political Sciences at the University of South Africa (UNISA). She holds a master’s degree from the University Currently Knows as Rhodes (UCKAR). Her research interests include Azanian Women Freedom Fighters as a Living Archive, Azanian Political Thought and Praxis, Black Resistance and Liberation Movements and Memory, Land Dispossession and Loss, Black Radical Thought, African Philosophy, Africana Womanism, and Decolonial Thought to mention a few. Radebe is a mother and a PHD candidate at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN).

Simphiwe Sesanti is a Professor at the University of the Western Cape (UWC)’s Faculty of Education, and former Editor of the International Journal of African Renaissance Studies (IJARS). He holds two PhDs, one in Journalism Studies (Stellenbosch University), and another in Philosophy (Wits University). He taught at Stellenbosch University for seven years in the Journalism Department. He also taught at the Nelson Mandela University’s Department of Journalism, Media and Philosophy. Prior to joining the UWC, Sesanti worked for the University of South Africa (UNISA)’s Institute for African Renaissance Studies.

Professor Sesanti has published in accredited journals on a variety of issues, including Education, African Philosophy, Gender, Journalism, Politics and Spirituality (Religion). He is an author and a Co-editor, and a contributor of chapters in a number of books.

“Colonialists stole not only the lands of African people and renamed them. They stole also their knowledge, so that they would know nothing about themselves” -Dr Motsoko Pheko

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