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Everybody Has A Dream

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Everybody Has A Dream

So goes the proverbial song by the Manhattans about how everyone goes through imagining themselves reaching certain levels but as we all know the implementation requires more than just thoughts but discipline and transfixed efforts towards the achievement of the goal. So before any big race everyone usually thinks there is a modicum of hope for everyone so too when the soccer season starts everyone reckons they in with a shot. Who then should poop the party for fatuous dreamers except of course reality.  Amazulu seem like they may have been a tad impetuous and over-gauged their abilities cause Usuthu were aiming for 4th spot this season. Having seen their early shortcomings they have decided to part ways Manqoba Mnqiti who perhaps wasn’t conducive to their aspirations.

‘First coach to sacked’ is always an ignominious title and it would have the former Arrows man despondent but would it be the audacious or cowardly thing to do to go back to Arrows as many people have said is the thing to do. A 4-0 victory against Ajax though must have given a boost of confidence to Amazulu’s aspirations and confidence to new coach. Maritzburg are also riding on the crest of that happiness wave seeing that so much has gone right for them this season. A few good wins under the belt can sky rocket confidence and perhaps greater things are in store for them.

Bolton Wanderers may have also had their fair share of dreaming while at the summit of the English Premiership but they have returned to familiar territory to give pole position to familiar candidates. The Red Devils who seem peerless at the moment seem to be bulldozing away anything  in front of them except their Champions League opponents. Rich form has brought them victory even against their fiercest rivals Chelsea in a game the Londoners deserved at least a stalemate, comical errors by Fernando Torres and Ramirez were their undoing. This was on the same day Liverpool had a perfunctory loss to Tottenham Hotspur who really served them their lunch this time with an unbelievable 4-0. Ironic that Liverpool should be struggling to find the back of the net when Ryan Babbel is flourishing in Germany. Even more ironic is that he could have been at Tottenham cause Spurs wanted him when the Reds were so desperately trying to let go of him. The less said about the Gunners once again the better.

The Champions League as per usual engrosses with the fabulous football that it manages to always bring. Last season’s finalist Man United and Barcelona don’t seem to have hit their high gears but neither have many other teams except Real Madrid who walloped Ajax 4-0. It is still early days and we know how teams can start lighting things up. Man City don’t seem to be finding it easy but Champions League requires pedigree it takes more than just a number of expensive players put together.

The Rugby World cup’s dreamers seem to be Samoa for harbouring thoughts that they could oust the Springboks. That would have been quite a fairytale outcome that came to pass but they did give a stern performance against the Boks. Pool C is led by Ireland and not Australia because well Ireland pulled a fast one on the Wallabies. Who would have given it to Ireland if they were asked about the result of this encounter before the game. It would seem the leprechauns of Ireland have gone beyond mythology cause just a few months back the cricket team of Ireland pugnaciously beat England in one of the most thrilling matches of that tournament. It was more than luck though that brought it for the men in green, meticulous and shrewd application of the rules brought them the arduous victory. Samoa though couldn’t manage the upset.

Another exciting game which broke hearts was the Argentina versus Scotland, however the british didn’t come out trumps this time as they were edged 13-12 courtesy of a late try by Lucas Gonzalez. This Argentine victory dented Scotlands hopes of making the quarters. Significantly if the Scots don’t qualify for the last 8 it would be the first time they suffer this fate. Japan are laughing stock in the World Cup because of the All Blacks once again like 1995 but at least this time there was no Jonah Lomu and the score didn’t surmount 100. New Zealand have also managed to circumvent their World Cup hoodoo team: France. Could this mean they could go all the way? After the nonentities get out then we will start enjoying some enterprising rugby but we will see if the minnows have anything to say before the last 8 are decided.

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