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“The collected works is about the art/illustrations I did over the last six years, working on eight poetry anthologies including three of my own.
I worked with poets from urban centers like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and London and Los Angeles.

A large majority of the writers are Spoken Word Artists.
The spoken word is amongst other things an oral tradition that is expressed through observing and understanding your adjacent surroundings, conceptualizing it into words and adding a touch of creativity, rhyme, rhythm.
The poet’s subject matter varies from Politics to Cultural Identity to Artist Expression.

To capture the texture of their words, I positioned myself in the poet’s headspace. The idea was to capture the Voice and ambiance of the inner cities spoken word and street culture.
The art is about the volatile relationship of words and images vs. my pencil and an attitude.
As much as the work is about the poets, it has a personal touch to it.
I found my voice, technique and style by observing and understanding the spoken word.

From a Monatge of pencil aRT, posted by Wesley Pepper on 7/13/2010 (86 items)

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