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*****Bones is what you made up of, so obvious to the eye

TV screens the border between the world and your ill sounding cry.
To think about the huger pangs you fall asleep with, that you endure,

I am moved, I am affected … reaching to hope for a cure

I cannot pretend a screen stops me from moving to react

around me to give where I can

Can’t bare that another body is sacked…

‘Helpless one ‘ your head you cant even hold up

So thin and fragile, needing nourishment, just your own cup.

I am derailed from my comfortable life at your picture pinned up
for the world to simply just say “Shame” and never fill your plate

and that your demise will be lack of food,  this a  sick fate..

I am tortured in my present state

I close a eye, I pray fertile the soil to surface

Bless the earth from damaging curses *****

S       T        O       P

854 million people across the world are hungry

Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes  &
one child every 5 seconds

Hunger is the most extreme form of poverty….

Think about it…where individuals or families cannot afford to meet their most basic need for food.

Hunger manifests itself in many ways other than starvation and famine…

Its not like missing a meal , we talking days , months going without food.

We get edgy if we don’t get to have lunch cause of a busy day,

but what about a large portion of humanity

the large portion… that don’t get to have lunch cause there is no lunch.

Go to the World Food Programme website below and view the “Interactive Hunger Map” and see the detail on hunger and poverty around the world.  .  .



When did you last stop and say thank you for a meal?

See In the developing world, 27 percent of children under 5 are moderately to severely underweight.

10 percent are severely underweight.

10 percent of children under 5 are moderately to severely wasted, or seriously below weight for one’s height,


an overwhelming 31 percent are moderately to severely stunted, or seriously below normal height for one’s age.

….. all this because  of the crises of poverty that strikes the world….


I urge you for  the hungry

Where you can be the change , BE that change and meet a ‘BASIC’ need…

Which is actually the necessity to MAJORITY

No one deserves to die because they hungry…

Don’t you agree ?

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