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I am wonderfully and fearfully made...I am blessed and Highly favoured.. u ta xi kuma lexi u xi lavaka - I bring up issues that provoke debate. Very compassionate, caring, God fearing -NOTHING CAN SEPERATE ME FROM THE LOVE OF GOD MY SAVIOUR


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As one comprehends the great truth behind weaknesses and sins he will never again judge nor condemn another for any fault, failing of transgression.  He will view the cause of such condition with divine understanding.  He will realize fully it is only a lack of knowledge which has caused that erring individual to travel his lost road, alone and desolate, barefoot in the Light.  That one who has been blind and has not known it.  The one who understands will become aware of God’s goodness and realize that but for His grace he, too, would have remained blind.

Those who are lost in the sins and weaknesses of the flesh have never even comprehended that there is such a Light given to abide right within themselves, hence they have never contacted it nor brought It forth.  It is because man has refused the invitation to “ask, seek and knock” that he remained in blindness, consequently has not been aware he was being led by those who were also blind.  As one’s understanding is expanded by the Light, the one great sin remains visible in all its heartbreaking simplicity, the rejection of the Christ Light as each individual has in his ignorance permitted the darkness.

With this higher vision no man could possibly criticize or condemn his brother.  Instead he will realize that except for the divine mercy of God he himself would have remained blind and would not have been given a view of the Great Light and the issue involved.   Humble and love-filled, he will reach out to enfold his still erring brother in Christ’s forgiving love, for as he comprehended the Light and brought it forth the power of divine love was bestowed.  And it is such love, sent out to one’s erring brother, that that brother can be healed.(John 3v16)

As each man begins to believe in and to comprehend the great Light of Christ that has been given to abide right within himself and to bring it forth, he will be purified and cleansed from all sin (error of perception).  He will also “Be filled with Light and comprehend all things”.  And in this clear vision and purified love he will be healed.  Then with his own expanding love he will help to heal his brother.  Thus the great healing of mankind and of the nations will commence and be carried to full fruition.

* * *

Let my hand enfold yours as we humbly, mentally, kneel in spirit in the house of those whom you have considered your enemies and with bowed heads give this prayer:

God, our Almighty, Loving Father, in the Name of Thy Most Holy Son, the Prince of Peace, we kneel here to ask for Thy healing love to enfold us and this house and those who dwell herein.  Let the Divine Christ Light be brought forth in its great power of redemption to fill this dwelling and all who may abide here.  Let their hearts be softened and their seals be removed.  May they be purified by Your Love.  May their minds be enlightened by an understanding of Your great redeeming glory as their blindness is tenderly healed.  Let the full power of Christ’s Divine Light, which is given to abide in them, be permitted to come forth that all seals might be dissolved and all darkness and ignorance banished.

God, our Father, let this great Christ Light be made manifest in us – and in all Thy children.  Let it be brought forth at this time to fill the hearts and minds and lives of all, especially these for whom we kneel at this time to pray.  Let all errors be blotted out forever.  Let all mistakes be forgiven and let their healing come.

Let Thy forgiving Love enfold them, even as I desire at this time to be enfolded in Thy great forgiving Love.  Let me also be healed and filled with Thy Holy Light and Love, even as I ask that these, whom I have considered my enemies, might be healed.

Father, as we kneel here together to fulfill Thy divine law of praying for our enemies, we thank You for this holy, divine privilege.  Let only our love for You remain, for we love You, dear God, with all our hearts and souls.

Our minds are filled with this love for Thee as we send it forth with all our strength.  And, dear God, please increase our strength to send it out that it might go forth and enfold and heal the world.

So BE IT!  In the Name of Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ – AMEN!

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