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Freedom of speech and democracy does not exist in ANC

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It is apparent that the legacy of the former President of the ANCYL, Mr. Peter Mokaba has risen from the dead amid the singing of his popularity stunt, “kill the boer, kill the farmer” song by the current President of the League, Juju. But for reasons that I believe this country, post the 1994 elections coming forward, were major commissions that were established, in an aim t reconcile with the past, it is today surprising if not amazing to learn that certain individuals in the society, particularly those occupying leadership positions if not public figures, still publicly humiliate our immature democracy. It is of course acknowledged that racism has been a major predominant factor that clearly gave birth to an anger amongst us as black people, pre 1994 however has given forums such as The Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (which we adopted out of our own accord without pressures from external parties the platform of justice). Yet I wonder why do our public figures still go all out to insinuate the integrity of our nation?

To this far, Juju (Julius Malema) has become a problem child in our young democracy and it is really a shame that the international society is witnessing this very situation while Senior Political Leaders are keep quiet about the happenings, as though nothing had happened. We want to acknowledge the good that the ANC has done for society in general since its taking over of governance in 1994 under the leadership of Nelson Mandela, but the circumstances that came forth afterwards, leave much to be desired.

The most hurtful part of this is that every time when this “Juju” commits a deliberate mistake the ANC is always on its side and it has never condemned his actions. I am saying this out of the statements made by the Spokesperson of the ANC, Mr. Jackson Mthembu, who even went as far as to encourage the conduct of Malema, by singing the very same song when questioned by the media. For these reasons I believe the ANC is going to politicize the situation when questioned of the motives behind the actions of Juju, instead of tendering a public apology to white people whom we have accepted as part of our society, it is clear the “quoted out of context” excuse is imminent.

If one looks into our Constitution of which for some reason happens to be the primary brain child of the ANC, we find Section 16 which accord one’s freedom of expression/speech, being it to the media, press or in any form. However, being that as it may, in my interpretation, that does not mean that people like Juju and his so called Comrades in our movement, should seek publicity stunts by insinuating other people whom we accepted to reconcile with and move forward with the struggle. Juju has always angered our democracy, he is an irresponsible comrade who goes around to call a vote of no confidence against other comrades in the movement, insinuating the ANC to recall certain deployments, and then comes back to embarrass himself by making hatred speeches, which when he is requested to make a public apology, he says he was quoted out of context.

I believe that it is true that education is the key to success with everything in South Africa. He has rendered this country a one man’s show and when our leaders (that we have forwarded and deployed to lead the movement) try to condemn his conduct, he refers to them as “White Massires, Confused Communists who want to render the ANC  a Socialist Party, He said certain people are anti-revolutionaries”. I am actually convinced that he made such statements, because the division within the alliance has been mooted, of which one may not be wrong, based on his attacks and tantrums he is in actual fact the one who is causing such divisions.
He has insulted our comrade Gwede Mantashe, which he later alleged will be recalled in the 2012 National Conference. Based on his “anti-revolutionary” statements, it is clear that he understand nothing about revolution, his actions and what he defines as revolution, are two contradictory definitions. But in any case, it is the same National Working Committee of ANC that gave him the liberties of polluting the integrity of our democracy – while we work hard at the branches to build.

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