Halla Backe, Open Mic – West End Theatre

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ACT NOW’s wide range of Services:

Acting Academy
ACT NOW has amongst others the expertise of TUT’s Dept. of Film and Drama on their team.  We are giving individual and group lessons in singing, acting as well as voice development.  In 2012 ACT NOW will launch This Training will consist of different modules e.g. Voice, Movement and Acting Skills enabling students to embrace a future in various Drama related fields.
Their various courses in the Performing Arts!!  Certificates in Performing Arts will be offered under accreditation of Trinity College London (UK).

Community Development

Our vision is not only to develop communities, but also to further Education by means of Theatre.  Our Development Programme is linked with Education by means of projects like “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.  One of ACT NOW’s accomplishments is the staging of Prescribed books (adapted into plays) to learners in the Secondary Phase.  Cast members consist of disadvantaged community members (from the different regions of Tshwane e.g. Soshanguve) who are trained and casted by ACT NOW!  In various productions staged by ACT NOW (e.g. Thumbelina) graduate students, professional upcoming artists as well as community members form part of the cast.
HALLA BACKE the open mic and stage sessions hosted by ACT NOW at the West End Theatre, is a platform for young upcoming artists!  Even community groups are given a platform to show case various art forms e.g. poetry, drama, singing etc.

Edutainment Programmes
With ACT NOW’s Theatre Edutainment Programmes, we express our passion to inform and supply guidelines to the youth which enable them to make better choices in life!  The responsible use of alcohol in “Drinks on me!” is one of ACT NOW’s Programmes presented to the youth!  There is a huge need for Programmes like these and basically any subject can be addressed on various levels.  With “Stuck in Traffic” ACT NOW is addressing one of South Africa’s (the world’s) most recent and gruesome problems – Human Trafficking!!

Film Producing
ACT NOW’s close association with Production companies also lead to ACT NOW being the Producer of a Feature Film called BiNGE!  ACT NOW is also looking into producing “Eden” by Maxwell Mokolopeng.

ACT NOW is passionate about furthering South African content and businesses.  We already had a meeting with Helen Kuun of Indigenous Film Distribution, which is a brilliant and experienced distributor, focusing on distributing South African Films locally as well as abroad!

We are also responsible for other aspects in the Film Industry e.g. Casting, Coaching of Actors etc.

Industrial Theatre
Industrial Theatre is a product passionately explored by big companies.  Road Shows and performances of high quality are used as an essential angle in advertising to reach the challenging audiences (consumers) of today.  Personal contact (interaction) is regrettably neglected today, whilst human contact is exactly what life is all about – with Industrial Theatre, ACT NOW brings new life (humanity) to product and consumer!!  ACT NOW is involved on various levels, e.g. scriptwriting as well as acting in this regard.  Companies like Vodacom is amongst those who has already made use of ACT NOW’s skills in this regard.

Theatre Workshops
ACT NOW presents various Theatre Workshops.  Theatre Workshops are designed to fit the customer’s needs, whether it’s care-free Learners/Students or overworked Corporate Directors/Lecturers.  Theatre Workshops are a creative and fun way to get actively involved in a process of acquiring skills.  A few examples:
Theatre groups – Voice production, Characterization, Role analysis etc;
Educators – Team building using various role play situations in which acting techniques are used (the world’s a stage) as well as the teaching of relaxation techniques etc.

West End Theatre
ACT NOW’s offices is based at the West End Theatre on the grounds of the Tshwane Events Centre.  The Theatre with 450 seats, are also well known for its excellent acoustics.  The West End is a perfect venue for Theatre Productions, Launches, Graduations and many more events!  ACT NOW has already staged some successful productions at the Theatre in 2011 e.g. Thumbelina, Wielie Wielie Walie and the Halla Backe’s.  BE ON THE LOOK OUT AT THE SPRING SHOW, A MENU FILLED WITH VARIETY AWAITS AT THE WEST END THEATRE!

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