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Hands and Feet

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Welcome to autumn people it’s about time. As we are all getting ready to get cosy with our loved ones or in some cases our teddy bears this issue is dedicated to just hands and feet. We all need to know how to keep them warm and stylish. As we all know hands and feet have functional purposes on our bodies, we tend to neglect them when it comes to dressing them. So the accessories issue was meant to introduce you to a new way of dressing yourself in sticky situations. With the hands and feet we look at what to wear to keep warm in the winter and of course how to do it in a stylish manner.

First up we have our gentlemen who mostly focus on wearing the “o so natural and comfortable sneaker” which is good because you get to work around your style depending on the image you are working on. Mainly you wear your all stars, Jordan’s, Tim’s etc. without considering other types of shoes that could look the part without ruining your swag and all that stuff that goes with being the ultimate guy. Firstly guys, I’m giving you some homework, I want you to look at a shoe that you would not usually wear, yes considering your comfort, and try it out with your style. Yes I know guys feel that finding the right type of style is rocket science, but think about it, this could change your life for the better. If you have a style that is yours and you are COMFORTABLE with it then your girlfriend won’t try to change you at all. It’s a bit farfetched but it’s worth a try.

Also consider introducing your life to other stylish types of accessories that suit the type of guy you are. Consider your hands and try out stylish rings, manly armbands, considering the season we are going into, don’t forget your gloves; they will play a nice part in keeping your hands warm and completing your outfit. Warm hands are the way this season. Nice knit gloves in a calm colour, or sexy leather gloves that complement your personality Every girl wants her man to look good and every mother wants her son to look presentable so next time you are shopping consider the women in your life and the people who have to look at you everyday. Have no fear gentlemen we only call you gay if you sing along to Abba or you drive a cooper s

For my fabulous ladies I want you to invest in good boots this coming winter because it is going to be a cold one. Don’t be afraid to try out the simpler ankle boots that will encourage you to wear skirts or tighter pants. Yes I don’t do trends I set them. That is the mentality I expect every stylish person to have. As said in the previous issue image is everything. If you are a trend follower then it means that people can dress you in what they want to. Think of it this way trends are made for people who don’t know how to dress themselves or in a stylish person’s case for those who want to improve their fabulous style. The ankle boot will also be easier to wear and of course it will take less space in your shoe cupboard. For those who refuse to wear an ankle boot then the knee high boot is a great choice because you can wear socks that are warm but aren’t really meant to be seen underneath them.

I also want you to remember people, that a stylish good quality boot will last you a lifetime. Ask the elder people in your life they will show some good boots from their day and of course you might wear it in this day and age so that you can add a little spice in your dress sense. For your hands though a diamond ring is the in thing. On the real ladies they look fabulous on our hands but if you can’t manage to get a fabulous ring then consider some mitts and very flattering gloves. Play around your bright colours and of course your lovely dark winter colours that make your skin look great. If you feel you are struggling with the fashion seasonal colour wheel then I suggest you stay tuned to this page and a little ftv won’t hurt.

Use your time wisely when it comes to shopping for winter and spend money on some great shoes. If you are on a tight budget then I guess you’ll have to wait for the sales. Also remember that style comes from within and the material stuff is there to enhance it. So next issue I will have a little local edition to this page. You will get to see something new that you did not know about. It is mainly for the ladies but the gentlemen have to stay tuned to see what I have in store for them in the future.

Remember to stay in touch and check out what’s on sale on the magazine and all the interesting articles we have for you

Stay Stylish.

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