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Be servant to all, master to self, like rain... pouring on both the just n the unjust... Change is here, now... WATCH...

Huge Impakt

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It's time
Time to refurbish the platforms (spit, polish, shine), to challenge the current and

generally accepted status quo of all things spoken; where spoken word has been playing

second fiddle in the out-worldly realm of ‘Art form’.  This realm, of

‘all things poetic’, i.e. car designs, music, feminine movement; compensates

the creators of ‘all things poetic’ whilst it spits cents to the fathers and

sons of the very heart of her. Yes, her… POETRY, slash, SPOKEN WORD.

On this platform, Spoken Minds will not only be synonymous with

“DEEP”, aka subliminal message passing storytellers, but will also RAPresent

the very essence of Consciousness which is, awareness.

On this page, you will meet the familiar and you will be left in awe by the UN

familiar. They say a picture says a 1000 words, now let us see how many pictures words can

paint. Hi… my name is Matthew Mokoena. In my first offering of servitude, I present to

you…  a crew by the name:


Huge DaoracleHuge

Huge DaoracleImpakt


Real name Thapelo Khupari
Born 1990/08/20
Hometown Rustenburg; Tlhabane and Geelhout Park
Member TUT Street Poets Society
Inspirations “Love for the art beyond all else, I write to heal self and the nextperson.” Talib, S.O.S
Relationship NO COMMENT!!!! Eish, MC’s/Poets**,
Poets Sipho Khumalo aka Humble-Pen-Pusher, Vangile Gantsho (of Consciousness)
MC               Impakt, Tumi *(Boitumelo Molekane)
Musician Pako Magagane (TUT Street Poets Society)
Crew Optical Illusion
Verse “freedom reigns in a torn veil/words sharpened with iron/sons ofzion/move with Syllable raps like modern riots…” Bagz of Last Dayz Fam

Impakt Stryks A Word (ISAW)

Real name Bongani Molapi
Born 1988/08/10
Hometown Soweto; Naledi
Member TUT Street Poets Society “…here we eat spoken word, we’ll neverleave.”
Inspirations “The ART, Graphic Designing.” GOD, Tumi, Hymphatik, Robo theTechnician, Last Dayz Fam
Relationship Busisiwe Nkosi… hhmmm
Poets Mmusa Moleli, *Boitumelo Molekane, Lebo Mashile
MC               Huge
Musician Busisiwe Nkosi (refer to relationship if u believe in bias)^^,
Crew Last Dayz Fam
Verse “Cap City’s amazed with rhymes/we drew maps to call theclueless/shaped the flawless That concluded that time is often illuded/odds that blew it

brought confusion to the Art that we persuing/… Impakt


Kota Tour (Tembisa), Hip Hop by the River(Vaal), Travellin Blak and Street Poets (PTA)

“A Huge__Impakt” work with Phrosty and Physics on Production and

might be working with the likes of Battlekat and Beethoven in the very near future.

Keep an eye out for their mixtape coming soon.

For bookings contact their Manager, Tebogo Mosane on 082 095 7636.

Now, enjoy what these two servants of word have dished up for your

consciousness. The ERA begins.


Oracle (Huge Daoracle)

listen to the author in order to organise the broader/

not the quarter lobola to marry mother natures daughter/

that is natural wisdom hidden from the rooted prism /

like Egyptian art, because I’m the cure that heals the wounded rhythm/

water broke from my mental reservoir so word was born/

I’m the author that will torture wackness till the break of dawn/

I set up a mindblock, as contraceptives of thought,

I couldn’t abort that’s 1 of the main objectives of God/

beneath the surface there’s a mellow pace i long to pursue/

to reach the birds of my internal cage unlocking the truth/

deeply rooted underground where my coffin is due/

now read the passage on my yellow page and walk on my shoes/

4rm the city of platinum to cap, soon to be/

South African known lyricist to rap fumes on beats/

I’m’ a rap addict ,you can all snap move your feet/

like an athletic uniform, my track suits the streets/

Huge Daoracle

– end –


She (Impakt DaMindcraft)

Her tone of voice is distinct like crystal ball/

Delight! Delight, smile on my face, took off all bore/

Picture all the images painted by a thousand words/

The mind is pure (core)/

Perspective of the sketch is never seen before/

Elevating my hearts key tunes, casting the first song/

My mind’s blown by her brain waves, she’s got the flow/

Elements are flexible, amended from the mental tours/

It feels like a dream, dream/

Got to stay asleep to see where this leads/

it’s something special/ i can feel it running through my vessels/

Like a shot of needles of love in calligraphic stencils/

Edged in my plexus/

Cocooned on the roof top of my cerebral vortex/

It’s complex, butterfly concepts coursing nervous plunging/

Artistically she’s poetry, in artefact tapestry/

Humbled by her colour scheme/

Determined to succeed her dream/

My soul is keen to know you even more and complete the/

Eyes wide open, the scenery is fulfilling like good deeds/

Your eyes gleam/ building the excitement like the sky’s in the don/

Persistent like the rise of the sun, it’s you I adore, let me be your

South African boy, we’ll come along strong/

Brave heart, you know where to draw the line like boarder gates/

Concentrating on mental migrates and how we relate/

Optimistic oralic obits is what we state to educate/

Passion in expressed ink lettering/ exploring word web in critic

writing intelligence, poetic relevance, the art of rhythmical

compositions to elevate thoughts its deep affection of course/

conceive those words, never abort the foetus/

let it pledge a legends and find a reason to define origin/

elementary, back to what it meant to be, to feed the need

to believe the poets chemistry is attached to vocab,

mind commanded pro-labs  like tested chemicals of historic love chronicles.

– end –

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