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HUMAN RIGHTS (DAY) are one of the world most sensitive topics to write about. I was not willing to write about human rights as some people are describing human rights according to their own standards. Africans have adopted those descriptions of human rights as per their oppressors .It is an unfortunate situation that Africans are always taught by their oppressors who are having one objective of exploiting African wealth, they have described human rights in a way that will enable them to benefit from African wealth. It is an unfortunate thing that today we have adopted the so called human right principles from those who have been oppressing us for over 500 years and such principles have exonerated them and place them to be the champions of observing human rights. Because they are the ones who wrote the so called bill of rights they are now seen as the best in following what is according to them. Africans up to now are looking upon the west for their salvation forgetting that all their problems were and are caused by the west yet they are expecting solutions from those who have caused the problems. Its highly impossible that those who have caused your problems can come with something good for you, so it is obvious that even their rights will not bring salvation to Africa but will cause more problems at their benefit. That is why their rights do not include Africans owning their land and resources. Their rights want Africans to continue being their slaves in the land of their ancestors. Any African who wants to fight for Africans to own land and the resources becomes the enemy of those who wrote the bill of rights. I am sure that if Africans were to be given a chance to also write about human rights these holy cows couldn’t be holy again.
Our Ancestors were having a high regard of human that is the reason when the European come to Africa they accepted them and it was the evil Europeans who turned against them. We knew about a right to life for all creation even animals. Even up to now I am still very surprised as to how did the oppressors managed paint black man as the most violent person in the world in which even her black woman has accepted such propaganda .Today black man is taken as the most destructive humans in the world. They also painted our culture as very oppressive resulting in our people forsaking our culture. They presented their so called human rights bills as the most liberating while what is ours as most oppressive, resulting in most Africans especially our woman hating our culture claiming its oppressing them whiles embracing western way as liberating. It’s very rare these days to find an African woman who embraces and loves her culture .In fact I still have to meet one African woman who fully loves her culture. The only ones I know are my grandmothers maybe to them it’s because they know their culture because it is not easy to love what you do not know. Our woman knows European culture and they look and think based from what they know which is European that is why you will hear them saying they want a romantic man forgetting how can an African be romantic .If you want a romantic man go to Rome possible you will find one there not in Africa unless that African man has a European mind .
Some woman these days are only interested in the issues of ancestors especially Bunyanga and Bungoma whiles they hate all other thing that are to do with our culture. This has resulted in our woman embracing feminism, seeing it as their solution for liberation. People who took our land, chained our ancestors like dogs, caged us, sodomised our ancestors, mutilated them, molested their children, butchered, enslaved us, rape our woman ,killed some of our people, destroyed our culture, destroyed our education system, destroyed our field, took our life stock, beat us, do all evil you can think off in this world but today they are loved and considered as those who respect human rights and black people are now taken as the most violent, uncivilised and destructive in this world. As a result there is so much hatred against black man and he is considered as the most wicked and destructive. In reality the most destructive people who have destroyed everything caused so much sorrow to all creation of this world are now considered as the holy ones by their own written human rights. Those very same human rights are the ones that portray them as holy whilst others – the black people as evil. They have caused pains not only to other human beings but even to animals yet they are also seen as those who protect nature and think about rights of animals yet they are the most destructive humans in the whole world.
Today there are countries which are known to be leaders in promoting human rights, and according to the world they are the best because they are the ones that defines human rights according to their benefits and advantages and such countries are the worst human rights abusers. Such countries are pointing fingers to other countries who are truly fighting for their rights, yet they are the world’s best human rights abusers. There are also some other people who are regarded as icons in fighting for human rights yet they are the worst in promoting human right abuse. There are so many people especially in Europe who are supposed to be appearing in the international court of justice for human right abuse, if only the world was having true justice. People who are not afraid to destroy a whole nation and take the land as theirs, but up to now are considered as holy are loved and defended by so many Africans. Some Africans have become the defenders of this evil race that has caused so much pain to all creation. If there is an existence of Satan the white race can fit de description of the devil. What they did to the Aborigines of what is now called Australia and what they also did to the Red Indians in what is now called America the world is silent about such atrocity because it was done by the race that determine what is human rights and what is not.
The worst human rights abusers from America and Europe are excluded from being summoned by that so called international court of justice. Mugabe was considered a world hero praised by all colonisers he was the darling of the west just like Mandela. As soon as Mugabe fought for his people to have ownership of land he was painted human rights abuser dictator given all sorts of names and he became the enemy of the world. Those who fight for black people to own land are branded as human right violators because to Europe it’s not part of human rights for black people to own land. Black people must only be given a right to vote not to own anything. Sell outs like Mandela are praised by the world because they agreed that black people are only good to be given a right to vote not ownership of their land and resources. Ownership of land by Africans is not part of the human rights those who wants land for Africans are branded as human rights violator and the sell-outs like Mandela are heroes considered as those who respect human rights.
We don’t have the so called bill of rights but we have Ubuntu which far surpasses their human rights. Ubuntu is misunderstood and has not been given any chance in our community, our people are accepting all the propaganda against Ubuntu. No one wants to even listen and study about Ubuntu they just hate it based on their ignorance whilst accepting western ideologies without questioning anything in them. Even those who claim to have been fighting for the liberation of Africa were fighting to implement western ideas and destroy Ubuntu as they didn’t have Ubuntu themselves. The right wording will be they were fighting to be emancipated into the white supremacy system so that they can have an opportunity to manage the system. Self-hatred is very strong in Africa which results in them hating everything that is them whilst embracing what is foreign. There are those who have even started some organisation about Ubuntu as if they want to restore Ubuntu but when you look closer to such you will find out that such people are there to destroy Ubuntu at it’s core, they hate Ubuntu and also don’t know anything about Ubuntu. The philosophy of Ubuntu is the most hated by the west because they know that it is the only philosophy that will liberate Black people.
They will always want black people to adopt those isms from them. That is why the most educated Africans are the most dangerous because they are the one who took all those ism and sell them among Africans whiles creating a narrative against Ubuntu as a philosophy that is oppressing women. Ubuntu gives women far more rights than the European bill of rights. Last year doing my IT job in another school in Soweto whilst in that classroom they were teaching girls how our culture is abusive to them and the unfortunate part is that they were reading a certain book .Most of those girls were even saying if culture is so abusive they will remain single. I then interrupted the teacher and told her that there is no such in our culture they are teaching rubbish against our culture. Fortunately she asked me to teach the girls about marriage in African culture and the role of a woman. After teaching the whole class of those girls, some teachers were amazed at how culture respects and honours a woman. They asked me that I need to write a book that can teach African culture because the ones they have are indeed misrepresenting our culture. AFRICA WILL NEVER BE LIBERATED BY THE SO CALLED HUMAN RIGHTS FROM OUR OPPRESSORS .UBUNTU IS THE SOLUTION FOR ALL AFRICAN PROBLEMS .SIYINDUNA MAPOPO RAMPANE.
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