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Hustle University

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Hustle University

About Hustle U Inc.

Hustle University is a virtual institution of higher learning for today’s urban
entrepreneur. The mission of Hustle University (HU) is to promote personal and
professional leadership through the development of entrepreneurship, critical
thinking, communication and life skills and the teachings of proven success

HU offers a wide range of multimedia teaching tools including: Books, Ebooks,
CDs and DVDs.
We provide training by way of Personal Coaching, Full
Course Curriculum/ Programs, Presentations, Seminars
and full/ half-day Classes. Lastly, Hustle University has a Membership-Based Division where we provide networking opportunities, online classes and personal consulting.

Hustle University has tapped into a traditionally overlooked and underserved
market: the Young, Urban Entrepreneur ages 21-45. Our target customer
makes up tens of millions of entrepreneurial-minded individuals world-wide that
are actively seeking direction, motivation and assistance to become
successful in their endeavors. Unfortunately, there is no institution, program or
individual that has been able to captivate and properly educate this audience
……until now!

About The Author

Hustle University

Hustle University is owned and operated by Hotep, a Congressional Awardwinning urban education specialist, success coach, thought leader, author and entrepreneur. Hotep is widely known for his out-the-box thinking, guerilla marketing tactics, branding expertise and his unique “common sense” approach to teaching leadership, practical business best practices, spiritual and intellectual concepts. His motto is, “Don’t wait for opportunity, CREATE IT”!

In a mere 3 years, Hotep has gone from “a man with a great book”, to the
founder of a multimedia empowerment empire! The HU brand is recognized
throughout the United States. Hotep is becoming a highly sough-after speaker/
trainer/ consultant. Schools and youth organizations use his materials to more
effectively motivate and teach their audience. Hotep’s business success
strategies and materials are regarded amongst some of the best in the world!
Learn why!

For more information, please visit:

Hustle U Inc.

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