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For known reasons, it was seen as forthcoming that certain leaders within the tripartite alliance were not merely elected to pursue the interest of either their followers, their parties nor the people affiliated with such political structures. I was very upset to read the newspaper headlines this past weekend (20 February 2010) to see how political moguls are enriching themselves out of the government tender processes. Many of us had predicted the situation long before it could arise, but because our voices could not be listened to, we continue footing the bill, via high taxes, to assist the so called “our government” to raise more money to enrich certain individuals within the society.

Many analysts and legal practitioners have raised their arguments over the matter concerning the wealth which has been accumulated by the president of ANCYL ever since his coming into power in the past two years. One Member of Parliament said that there is nothing wrong with the president of the Youth League accumulating wealth, but the fact is, given his position in our political structure, one must question the morality and trust in all of this, given the specific geographic area where his business interests lie. Of my great concerns is the dissatisfaction mooted by the business community in that particular province against the Premier as saying, they are not happy about the way in which the tender process is being ran and adjudicated. Of course politicians seem to have a reason for everything; being it a moral issue, an issue of societal interest, service delivery or an issue of live or die. I am not the only one who has complained about the conduct of this particular leader. Many have complained of his arrogance. Many have supported him for reasons known only to them and he continues to gain more popularity on a day to day basis, even though the issues that he raises for public debates are so sensitive.

Regardless of how the politicians may justify their reasoning, it is a known fact; the province in which the president of Youth League’s major business interests are vested, is the same province in which he dictates the conditions of who must lead and must not lead. I believe that communism does not restrict anyone from accumulating wealth, but the manner in which our administration processes are being run are, to a large extend, leading us towards a collapse in our administration. I am actually happy to hear that the business community in Limpopo has gone all out to petition the premier of the province regarding the manner in which the tender process is being administered. The petitioning in question is evidence, to a certain extent, that there was an irregularity in tender administration board.

Many of us who always complains about the conduct of the president of Youth League, have been attacked with ugly and unruly statements by his followers as using moral judgments to justify our gripes with his conduct. One might then need to know, as an onlooker or someone far from the situation, would one ask if the processes were run fairly, objectively and constructively. And if so, why is it that certain people who are directly linked to the president have come up with their own moral judgments.

Surprisingly enough, the same people who are making a noise and contradictory statements, are the same people who have been at the forefront of the nationalization of the wealth of other people, and the mines. But the question is: why can’t they publicly announce their own wealth first before bragging nonsense about other people’s wealth. Being the communist I am, who is whole heartedly committed to communism and socialism, I want to put a challenge to the South African Communist Party, which is the same party that I have been following since my introduction into the political circle, to please distance itself from the internal affairs of the capitalist. I honestly believe that, one rotten potato can spoil the whole lot. Communism and Capitalism are two different economic principles and should therefore be treated as such.

I finally want to congratulate the president of ANCYL for his urgent wealth accumulation since his appointment, less than 24 months ago. May his businesses with all the Municipalities in Limpopo grow from strength to strength. We are very pleased to see him being fronted in the business cycle. But for me, as a communist, I shall remain loyal to communist principles and shall not be attracted by the opportunities of the wealth of my own government.

Congratulations Mr. President, you were born to lead.

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