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Yes so I did a whole thing on how to treat your beauty issue’s and all, and how to deal with where to go and what to do.  Some other things went unwritten but certainly they are still in the wings.  What caught my attention is a gig I did with a friend of mine where I scored R50 for sitting around talking about hair dye.  Yeah truth be told it was interesting to find out that even artist’s are not that experimental when it comes to doing their hair.  Dying your hair could be the most adventurous thing that was ever invented in the world of beauty and fashion.  First you have to find the right colour, then you have to move on to the right hair style that suits the hair colour.  The tricky part is the dye actually working without your hair falling off or better yet the whole thing being a disaster.

An incident that also caught my eye is when a girl from the fashion department in an institution dyed her hair orange.  It was disasters’ because the hair stood out to the crowd and everybody knew her as the orange head girl.  It took her a few weeks to dye it back to a nice colour, because every time she tried to dye it back it became worse or it had a two tone thing going on.  It’s strange because only certain people can get the dye thing correct.  The only way they do it is to go with the most common colour ever.  Blonde!!!!!!!!!!

Yes we’ve all seen the blonde hair do, if you can’t manage that – we go for the maroon or red.  It is really silly because celebrities who have failed in the dye department have made it seem like a crazy rebellious thing to do but on the real, it is a disaster.  Hair determines you face and how pretty you are or not.  So when you choose a hair style you have to consider the shape of your face and how the hairstyle would look on your shape.  If you get this right then the colour should just be a minor adjustment.  The types of colour you choose also reflect the type of craze you are and how far you are willing to push it with this fashion world.  Although some people go from one colour to another, most people do one colour and stick with it.  They stick with it for so long that they forget their real hair colour.

Of course we’d love to see people in our country experiment more with colour using different tones and shades to make your hair look like it has volume and texture.  That is how the stars do it.  Most of them (well their hair stylist) create their own colour by adding shades and tones to their normal colour and so adding a new look to the colour giving it a bit of volume and illusion.  This then makes their hair look like they paid millions for it when they actually bought the dye at a local shop under their flat in town.  The trick with hair though is to go with your mood.  If you feel adventurous then go with the crazy funky look that will grab attention.  This look means that you are on vacation and your boss does not have to see it.

When you feel a bit sexy, in a party mood, then go with the clean but seductive style, this will be perfect for work and party.  What is important is to maintain the hair and make sure it stays as cute as you.  The other truth about healthy hair is that it makes your skin look better and it makes you feel great.  Another trick with hair is using home stuff to keep it a certain level.  I know some people with dreads use olive oil for soft hair.  In some cases people use eggs that are later washed out with beer to kill the egg smell and to keep it soft.  The regular one that everyone is familiar with is aloe Vera which is a big hit with girls who are in touch with their femininity, meaning they spend years doing their hair and nails.  Personally using the plant itself was a mission.  It is sticky, cold and clumpy but it works better in a bottle.  I say do the salon thing it works.  Yes it is rough you can’t afford it but hey you have to start someday.  Put it in your budget and work it out, if you really feel bad about doing your hair then see it as a personal treat for all your hard work every month.

Some of you out there may not like the whole hair dye thing; some of you may not like the hair style thing etc… The main thing about being groomed as a person is to have good looking hair that is healthy and strong.  If you manage to take good care of that then the type of lifestyle you choose is a walk in the park.  If you are rocking an afro or dreads or a weave then make sure it is the best one around.  We are all tired of the dirty looking afro’s that make people go crazy and feel like having an afro is a silly unhygienic idea.  Not forgetting dreads that have a whole religion surrounding them but now seem to be a fashion statement for old ladies with money, guys who have a little identity crisis or of course artist who don’t really know why they are artist so they decided to do dreads to fit in.  Fact is dreads look nice on guys who are rugged and strong.  If you are an artist then having dreads should be a personal thing not a public statement and for the old ladies with money well we just hope your child has sense of style and won’t let you fall into the whole FAD that will die out in a couple of months.

So when you look in the mirror that I told you to buy in the beginning of the year, remember that you have to go out there and people have to see your hair and say something nice.  Whether it’s blue, hard or soft make sure it is gorgeous.

Stay stylish

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