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Imagine R200 Getting You All The Business Support You Need… Imagine No More, Believe It!

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Happy New Year to all the survivors, 2010 has always been seen as the year where peoples’ lives change and prosperity begins and knowing very well that most peoples’ resolution is to start their own business… I thought I should kick start the initiative while the zeal is still there.

Traditionally, when you get that great business idea you have to knock on many doors and hire many people to give you the real time lowdown on the big, bad and beautiful business world. And usually it’s at quite a cost to you.  You have to fork out for a business advisor… accountant… market researcher… and so on.  Often this lands up costing a pretty penny before you’ve even got started!  Fortunately Chantal Collings – PFC’s Investigative Researcher uncovered a place – a mere click away – where you can access up-to-date business, career and employment advice, info  and opportunities to unleash your inner entrepreneurial spirit and let it soar.

Some people know this place very well and have personal experience and for fellow readers who do not know yet;  If you want to start your own business, Umsobomvu will help you write a business plan, do market research, find business start-up and funding.  They’ll also give you the lowdown on the National Credit Act as well as what you should or shouldn’t do to become a successful business person.( Although they are/have restructured)

UYF’s Business Consulting Services division offers face-to-face advice and guidance by professionals.  And the best part is you can use Business Consulting Services Vouchers to pay for it! For the nominal fee of R200 you could qualify for a range of services (some with a ‘real-life’ value of up to R18 000)!  For instance that R200 can buy you the following services:

  1. Business feasibility: Assistance to ensure your proposed business has what it takes and is marketable from a financial, technical and managerial perspective – value: R5, 000.00
  2. Registering of close corporation – value: R700 or a (Pty) Ltd – value: R2, 500.00
  3. Branding and design of business forms – value: R5, 000.00
  4. Business administration systems assistance to help you start and manage your business – value: R15, 000; accounting assistance – value: R5, 000.00
  5. Bookkeeping – value: R 3, 000.00; setting up a debtor or creditors system –value: R3, 000. 00 each and setting up a stock-control system – value R5, 000.00
  6. Setting up of business budgets (monthly for the first year, quarterly for the second and annually for the third year) – value: R4, 000.00.
  7. Due diligence compliance assistance for the an existing business – value: R18, 000.00
  8. Business plan assistance for both new and existing businesses to enhance busness bankability and processes – value: R7, 000.00
  9. Marketing plan assistance to create detailed analysis of your business to increase market and profit share – value: R7, 000.00
  10. Legal services for the setting up of a new business, including analysis and drafting of various legal documents, such as lease, purchase, sale and joint-venture agreements – value: between R2, 000.00 and R4, 000.00

And that is just a few of their 44 services offered.  To discover the full range of services that R200 will entitle you to, visit this website: http://www.youthportal.org.za/ur/BDSVPPRODUCTS%20SERVICE%20LIST.pdf

I would suggest that you give it a short; you have nothing to loss. Gather the required documentation… and fill tin the easy online application form at: http://www.youthportal.org.za/ur/NewClientApplicationForm2006.pdf . Now you no excuse to not finally get your business started. The sooner the better! Trust me; South Africa needs you…. Next time I will be discuss the bad news – Retrenchment.

I hope 2009 was divine, Let us make 2010… shine!

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