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INGWENDZE – Due to some of things that have been revealed during kufemba I have decided to address this spirit that is troubling several people among Africans. As I said before that I write things that I have seen, experienced and heard from elders. If such spirit is not addressed it will continue to haunt most of the coming generations. Some call it SPIRITUAL HUSBAND and SPIRITUAL WIFE, this spirit almost works exactly like the other spirit (Lidloti) for sangoma and tinyanga. This spirit normally chooses and claims someone to be either a husband or a wife. If you have such spirit, it won’t be easy to have a stable relationship or even get married because it will chase away every man or woman who becomes close to you. At times the spirit can even kill a  person that you have relationship with, whether man or woman. You can also dream having sex with someone as it happens with tikoloshi. The majority of tinyanga and tangoma will say you have isilwane or tikoloshi  when you have such a spirit, yet it is different from tikoloshi. Some will even say you have isicitfo as all your relationship wont last. To some other people it becomes even difficult to be employed, they don’t last at work they either resign on their own or are fired for no good reason.
Several people who have such a spirit have been taken to the bush, and rivers to be cleansed with chickens etc. but the thing is still there, some have been to different types of healers who will misdiagnose and say it’s a tikoloshi or sicitfo and they have done several cleansing but still are suffering. There are a few sangomas and tinyanga who are able to diagnose and deal with Ingwendze. You will normally need to undergo kufemba in order to catch ingwendze. Some who are ignorant about such a spirit have even said it’s part of umndawe and say umndawe can behave as if you have tikoloshi and have sexual dreams, but that is not true .There is a lot of rubbish ignorant people say about umndawe, including that it  can behave like isilwane and make you have sexual dreams. What is painful is that I also heard a prominent sangoma saying such on the radio, misleading a lot of people about umndawe. Some people with ingwendze can be directed to go for kutfwasa because ingwendze likes to go with emadloti. Ingwendze is different from umndawe and inzuza though they can go together, normally its the ingwendze leading them to work in you – being the owner of everything. It’s close to impossible to deal with ingwendze, normally you will need to have some muti and lihiya to use often so that you are able to live with ingwendze, and be able to carry on with you life without being troubled. Sometimes you will need to build a special house for ingwendze and invite that spirit to dwell in that house. Most people have gone from pillar to post trying to get rid of thus spirit, with no success at all being told different lies by sangomas and tinyanga. You will never get rid of that spirit because it is in your blood and related to you. You will need to go for kutfwasa so that the spirit together with the other spirits that it normally goes with can have a stable place and work with people. Ingwendze has its own lihlambo and own sifutfo and lihiya/libhayi’.
It seems we will still be troubled by this spirit for so many coming years since our people are listening to the lies from the radios and tvs. This spirit is caused by anyone who died without having a wife/husband or someone who was promised a wife/husband but never got married. I know that we are living in a system that is even teaching our woman to live without men. Due to feminism taking over the African community most people in the black community will die without having a wife or husband. Such people are the ones who will come back and be ingwendze to trouble their children just as we are already having so many ingwendze spirita troubling the generation of today, but in the future its going to be worse than now. In African culture its very important for anyone to get married, have a home whether male or female to also avoid such spirit. And there are other serious spiritual matters that demand marriage, maybe that is the reason marriage is under big attack, to destroy our culture. Our people are listening to those who claim to be teachers of culture, yet are among us to destroy our culture – they teach what dey don’t know even experienced. Such people will promote feminism, abortion, gays and lesbians – things that are not inline with our culture. A woman is nothing in our culture without a man and a man is nothing in our culture without a woman, they need one another they are not independent of one another. I have spent my time with old women and men speaking to them about those who are not married and have found out that as they are near to the grave they realize the importance of getting married, to have a husband or wife.
The system that we are under is highly against what I’m writing about, but I’m happy that I’am writing the reality of life, not just hearsay and propaganda. They are promoting abortion, gays and lesbians whilst they are against the building of families and even considering polygamy as evil, yet gays and lesbians as a success. I know that I’m not going to be popular by what I’m writing, but I’m not after popularity but building our community. I also know that tinyanga and tangoma have become gays and lesbians in a large number because of ignorance. Bunyanga and bungoma is based on culture in which culture is pro-life and procreation, if all become such who will inherit the spirits they have after they have passed on if they are not producing life? Ancestors want their generations to expand their name, they are pro-life and culture is based on nature. Nature wants everything to be productive so that life continues, even plants must produce for use to eat, animals must produce for us to survive and other creatures to survive. I doubt that if you are a farmer and your cows, goats and sheep become gays and lesbians that you can be happy about such. The west is promoting such as part of population control. I write what is in my mind without fear or favour. BoGogogo used to have muti to heal any child who is suspected to fall to such a trap and there is also western medicine to heal such and balance the hormones. What happens when people have passed on is different from what media is preaching, I know of a pastor who died recently before he died he was telling those around him that he sees several relatives who have passed on calling him. He didn’t see Abraham, Moses or Peter calling him but his relatives who had passed on were the ones calling him.
When people have passed on they will regret that they did not get married and feminism will not be there and they will come back to be ingwendze and trouble their children. Some churches are even encouraging their members to marry for those who have passed on trying to avoid them coming back as ingwendze. Culture cannot be fully practiced without a home, it’s surprising that even some who claim to be in culture are not taking marriage seriously and have homes, they also wants to remain single (BO SINGLE AND HAPPY). Even tinyanga and tangoma who are supposed to be knowing better are also feminists propagating the same western propaganda. Culture demands that there must be homes, most rituals can only be done in a home and you cannot be a real gogo where you were born. Even men who are following culture must make it their priority to take wives and build homes so that they wont also come back as ingwendze to trouble their children or relatives. When you have passed on it will be different story all together, all the lies from radio, tv and government will not be working there. It wont even work that you were a feminist, instead you will be punished by other ancestors. I know some will hate me and unfriend me for what I have written today, but they must just open a space for me to accept new friends who are not afraid to read the truth. SIYINDUNA MAPOPO RAMPANE…Ndauwe …Shewe
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