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Intelligence is the computational part of the ability to achieve goals in the world

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It is believed that successfully intelligent people discern their strenghts and weaknesses then figure out how to capitalize on their strenghts.

It goes without saying that if a person has no goals then despair and despondency are inevitable. There of of course weaknesses that a person has since no one is perfect but the key to being successful is remediating those weaknesses so that strenghts can be used as tools to either further oneself spiritually, emotionally or better yet financially.

In this day and age the speed at which we make decisions, fall in and out of love, build or destroy interpersonal relationships has vastly increased. However be as it may one should be mindful that there are ways in which you can successfully achieve what you have set out to do by simply following your own practical guide to success. (That is your own personal code of ethics tailor made to suit your daily tasks) in a more patient way.

So then it begs the question of what intelligence really is…….before this notion is tackled and dealt with let us first understand that one person’s belief system is different from another person’s.

Very often I have heard people say to others, “my goodness you are so intelligent!” or “Jeez you are so clever and smart” When I hear this I think to myself that yes it is a very noble gesture to acknowledge someone who has extraordinary skills and possesses a talent that is amazing than yours. We must realize that each one of us in our own unique way, are given the mental and physical characteristics to explore talent and to make dreams tangible reality.

A person will through his or her lifetime toil, gather wealth, fame and all elements that encompass success but in essence it boils down to what one does with the grey matter between the ears that separates the good from the excellent, the ignorant and open-minded that a person can truely take comfort in his abilities and strenghts to reach a new level of intelligence. Intelligence is not only based on how shrewd one is but moreover it includes having a good balance of an emotional quotient as well as a social quotient. It is however repugnant to observe how an individual who sees himself as well learned ill-treats another member of society just because of class distinction and not knowing whether or not the recipient of the ill-treatment possesses in him a level of intelligence, that no matter how highly acclaimed the well learned individual thinks he is will never attain.

Because it is far better to seek wisdom and knowledge rather than choice silver and gold, intelligence is an ever changing gift that the enhancement of which solely lies with the person.

For all that psychologists, scientists, theorits and philosophers think they know amounts to nothing at all if credit is not given to where the original process of transcedental knowledge and intelligence comes from which is God the Superbrain.

Long Live Consciousness

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