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Interview : Laurelle Helena

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I did a feature on her and her In May last year. Nine months later we find out what has she been up too.

Q – You just completed your first book titled ‘unfinished conversations’, you must feel excited?

A – Excitment fills every part of me , and expectancy is the atmosphere. i learn that dreams dont come easy, to dream is simple but to then TAKE the dream further and turn it into reality ,now thats a journey that requires great joy.

Q – The anthology is loosely based on your life and your journey with Christianity. I quote

‘My thoughts are filled with beautiful words for the king and I will use my voice as a writer would use pen and ink’ tell us exactly what you mean by it, are you preaching?

A – Preaching ,Lord have mercy 🙂 . i dont preach , i poetically place passionate thoughts into words that become poems that then become echoes that i hope can add to life and ultimately cause some change in the world.

Q – You feature a feisty slam poet called Musta. You two share an interesting chemistry together it’s an attractive collaboration. How did you meet and how did the chemistry start?

A – Mutsa and i do a brazillian martial art together , known as capoeira. While we arent in the roda together ..that being the cirlce where the fight happens , we are alliances in bringing crazy poetic thoughts about life to paper. Its truth that turns the taste buds ,its love lighting lives and its realness raising refinement.

Unfinished conversations

Q – There’s not much contemporary Christian poetry out there. Are you looking to make the industry your own?

A – why blend in when you can stand out , each platform should be given a ‘mic’ ..this one is no different ,its not just for the ‘christian’ its for anyone willling to hear…. this is poetry , this is words with rhythm and its intention is to enlighten and trigger some thought…its part of the industry i think ,it joins the existing platforms —just with a different flavor

Q – On the other hand, what other expectation do you have? Im sure it crossed your mind.

A – of course … i think the expectancy i have can be summed to one statement …. “for this i was born” …and now i expect to live that out …

Q – In conclusion, I must laud you on your achievement! Well done! Im sure everyone who buys a copy will be stimulated. Are you the same laurelle you were before you wrote ‘unfinished conversations’ how has it changed you?

A – i was a girl when i began this memoir , now im a woman …and im on my way to becoming a queen…

i think this one sentence wraps up the power of a journey with words ,people ,life and faith….

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