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Interview : Perspektif

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sunchild: Please introduce yourself to the consciousness lounge and please tell us who you are and       what you and your music is all about and can you describe your sound?

Perspektif: Hi I go by the name of Perspektif and I’m an MC/Spokenword Poet/Producer/Musician from the diverse city of Cape Town, South Africa. I see myself as not just a conscious MC but a conscious artist in general and my music breathes this. So even if I write a party track I can breathe a different perspective (pun intended) into it and not the same ole same ole that everyone else is doing but social awareness/consciousness is my forte. My sound I guess would be a blend of Boom Bap mixed with some new, sprinkled with jazz and soul and add a dash of funk and you got…me.

Perspektif Perspektif

Perspektif Up close and personal

sunchild: What made you decide to become a poet/mcee and how did you get into Hip Hop?

Perspektif: Well I was a poet 1st before I became a mc and it was basically a couple of things that got me into Hip Hop. The main ones were my older cousins who frequented the 1st Hip Hop club in SA. The Base in Cape Town, my father and uncles vinyl collection where I heard some of the samples used in Hip Hop and mainly the rebelliousness of the culture and at the same time how the elements all just made sense.

sunchild: Were people like Prophets of da City, who basically kicked started Hip Hop in SA a big influence? I remember even in Jhb they came to our primary school etc and that was quite inspiring back then?

Perspektif: Yes they were, immensely. They were saying things that we all felt at that time and probably still do. Shaheen at that time just got me thinking about who I truly am. He was on a level of those internationally at that time.

sunchild:Who are your musical influences?

Perspektif: Too many artists to mention who influenced me but in a nutshell it’s gotta be Common, The Roots, Black Starr, Gangstarr, Rakim, Krs-1, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Carlo Santana, Stevie Wonder, Thelonious Monk, The Cinematic Orchestra, Pete Rock, Pharoahe Monch, DJ Premier, J-Dilla, POC, Tumi & The Volume, and EJ Von Lyric.

sunchild: What’s the Cape Town Hip Hop scene like and what is your perspective on Hip Hop in South Africa?

Perspektif: One thing about our scene is that it’s very diverse. If you go out to gigs/events it’s good to see all elements socializing. You don’t necessarily get that everywhere else in SA. Cape Town also tends to keep close to the root or foundation of Hip Hop, even when we try to market ourselves on a larger scale. I’ll be naive to say that there isn’t a faction in Cape Town that’s trying push that materialism but at the moment, though it’s growing, and is still a very small part of the scene. In general Rap music is growing steadily and I’m happy but it seems only to be a reproduction of what’s currently playing in the States that plays here. Like I said Rap is growing steadily but the culture as a whole still has far to go but at least it’s moving forward.

Perspektif Perspektif

Perspektif Up close and personal

sunchild: Are you involved in any community projects, do you perform for free at all, or is it all about making money and career progression for you as an artist?

Perspektif: I’m all for community projects because I’m part of the community and I believe in giving back. I do a lot of free gigs especially if it’s for a worthy cause. I did a gig for breast cancer awareness not to long ago. All proceeds went towards two women who had full blown cancer. Money is important as without it you can’t really do much in this capitalistic society, but it’s not the be all and end all. My career progression is in the hands of my creator as I don’t really sweat about it. I just need to make sure I’m working hard enough, that’s all.

sunchild: Is there much money in Hip Hop in SA? If not how do you think that can be changed?

Perspektif: There’s definitely a pie but not everyone has their fingers in it so it seems like there’s not much money in Hip Hop in the country. I think it’s all about how you market, who you market to and how you zone in on it. I also personally think that we don’t aim high enough. We think performing in Jo’burg is the ultimate, when there’s still the whole of Africa to explore and the world. We got neighbouring countries that we can perform in as well so there will always be money to make.

sunchild: Do you think that Hip Hop can help with changing the negative influences of our society or do you think it contributes to promote ‘gansterism’, drugs and bling bling?

Perspektif: Of late it has promoted the negative side of things but then I’ll have to term it and blame it on Rap music. Rap music is not necessarily Hip Hop. Hip Hop in its truest form can definitely change the negativity in society, it’s been proven already. Kids will rather practice “breaking” than doing negative things. It’s sad to see that a lot of kids are being misled by “bling bling” culture.

sunchild: Where do you see yourself in the future?

Perspektif: Hopefully living comfortably thanks to my music and not by forsaking it. I would definitely want a flourishing music label/entertainment company with a stable of artists and me just living out my dreams.

sunchild: What drives you as an artist?

Perspektif: THE WACKNESS! That kind that drives me to the point of madness but also to the point where I wanna put out something good. My fellow artists whom I frequently perform with are also a driving factor.

sunchild: What projects are you currently working on?

Perspektif: I’m currently working on my second mixtape, “The Views & Insights Mixtape Vol.2”, an EP about the coloured freedom fighters in Apartheid called “A Colourful Picture” and my debut solo album, “From a Viewpoint” out next year. I’m also looking to work with some soul singers and MCs in a producer role next year and hopefully put together a neo-soul compilation of SA artists by the end of next year.

sunchild: Where can people find out more about Perspektif and where can your music be bought or heard? (ie myspace, etc)

Perspektif: Best places to find out more about me would be myspace and Facebook,www.myspace.com/perspektif and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Perspektif/30132837760. You can listen to music there and there will be links to buying what you hear as well. If you like chatting then get me on twitter, http://twitter.com/perspektif.

sunchild: Do you have any last words, comments or suggestions or anything else you would like to add, upcoming gigs etc?

Perspektif- click on image to see larger version


Perspektif Up close and personal

Perspektif: I’ll be in London, West End area to be exact from 20 November till 30 November 2009, so if you in the area just holla!!! Watch out for Perspektif and Get It Out Entertainment in 2010. We gonna make some positive moves. My final words are that whatever you do always do it for the love. Let it be the basis. So to sum me up I’ll quote my opening line from my mixtape :

‘The Views and Insights mixtape Vol.1’;

“Perspektif’s the name

I’ve got a culture to maintain

The 4 elements contain knowledge of self that pertains

to knowing your terrains

happiness and the pains flowing through my veins

hear it in my voice when it strains”

Peace, Love and Respect

4 the Love of Hip Hop!!!!!!!!!


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